Paving a Path - Civil Engineering Department

Paving a Path - Civil Engineering Department

Pradhyumna Rao | Dec 12, 2016

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With the Autumn semester coming to an end, Monday Morning caught up with the civil enginnering department HOD, Prof. Shishir Kumar Sahu, on the developments in the department across the course of the semester.

Minor changes were brought in the curriculum, with Advanced Mechanics of Solids being taken up another faculty due to voluntary retirement by the concerned professor. Ms. S.N.Sahu has joined as a faculty in the department in the course of the semester. Three Short term courses were conducted; Advances in Bituminous Pavement Materials and Design, Industrial Safety and Hazards Management, Analysis, Design and Health Monitoring of Structures. Two Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN), courses have been approved to take place from the GIAN fund provided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). A GIAN course consists of foreign faculty and host faculty carrying out the course for10 days. They can be attended by Students, Faculty and any guests from the institute and outside. Applications for more GIAN courses are under consideration.

The placement scenario has been mediocre with 34 students being selected according to the Training and Placement Cell. Many students have applied for internships aiming for higher studies abroad, which is the current trend.

Two new labs have been operational since this semester, the transportation lab and the dynamics lab. New equipment has been bought from the project fund that include, fatigue testing machine for Highway Engineering Lab, Paver Block Machine, Abrasion testing machine, Disc pelletizer and Pan Mixer.

Two giant projects, geo technical engineering under S.Patra projected at 40.3 lakh rupees and water resources under S.N.Sahu projected at 27.13 lakh rupees. Few more projects are under pipeline which are yet to be approved. It costs an arm and a leg for projects at such a scale. In the previous two years, no equipment grant has been provided to buy necessary equipment. The current purchases are being made from the project fund, restricting the intake of new equipment. The projects are being distributed to even B.Tech students and research papers are also being undertaken which is quite remarkable.

With the Startup culture rising among the current students, plans are in store for multiple start-ups  based on Civil engineering which are under scrutiny.

Education trips have been organized all through the semester the most recent one being to Rourkela Steel Plant. Study tours can also be organized for a long distance but it requires more planning. Hirakud Dam is a potential destination for study trips.

NAAC visit proved to be successful concerned to civil department. Out of the few outlined flaws, Civil department does not relate to any of them. A complete detailed analysis will come soon and a positive review can be expected.

With a plethora of opportunities available, the HOD has requested students to concentrate more on projects and develop a more sincere approach towards it.

As the semester comes to an end, Civil Department is fighting all odds and developing a more wider approach and team Monday Morning wishes the department a smooth run in the upcoming semester.

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