Spreading GIAN - Freight Transportation Demand Modelling

Spreading GIAN - Freight Transportation Demand Modelling

Pradhyumna Rao | Jan 15, 2017

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With the onset of winter vacation, NITR obliged to the recent initiative undertaken by the Government of India, the Global Initiative of Academic Network (GIAN) courses. In accordance with it, the Civil Department hosted a GIAN course, Freight Transportation Demand Modelling from 11th to 19th December 2016.

The course was coordinated by Professor Prasanta Kumar Bhuyan, an assistant professor at Transportation Engineering division of the civil department. A master’s student from IIT Roorkee and a Ph.D. scholar from IIT Bombay, he did his post-doctoral research from Georgia Tech, USA.

The guest speaker of the course Dr. Sabyasachee Mishra is an assistant professor at University of Memphis and director of graduate studies at Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute (IFTI). He has published over hundred articles in international journals and peer-reviewed conference proceedings. He has an American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) excellence in Civil Engineering Fellow. He also owns Massachusetts Institution of Technology challenge question award on discrete choice modeling. He has received outstanding faculty research award at the University of Memphis. He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E) in the state of Michigan.

The purpose of this course was to introduce students, researchers, and practitioners to develop methodological approaches to estimate freight demand in terms of freight generation, distribution, choice of mode and route. The course introduced participants to key freight industry terms, concepts, and issues and provided a freight big picture based on the performance of the major freight transportation modes. This course has been done for the first time in India and no other NIT or IIT has ventured into this field yet. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) had sponsored over 8 lakh rupees for this course.

The registration fee for the course was as follows.

  •    Faculty and scientists: Rs.2000
  • ·  Organizations/consultancy firms/ industry : Rs.5000
  • ·  Students/ research scholars with award of degree: Rs.2000
  • ·  Students/ research scholars without award of degree: Rs.1000
  • ·  Students from abroad: USD 100
  • ·  Other participants from abroad: USD 200

An additional amount of Rs.500 was charged as a onetime registration fee on the GIAN portal.

The participants who enrolled for the course were from IIT Madras, NIT Nagpur, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, National Institute of Education and Engineering Research, Shivpur and other colleges nationwide. International participation was very limited. M.Tech and Ph.D. students also participated from our institute that summed up the total participants to 35 approximately.

The total course was divided into two modules. Module A: Travel Demand Modeling Basics and Advances and Module B: Behavioral Freight Travel Demand Modeling. Each day was divided into three sessions. The morning session from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM, mid-session from 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM and a tutorial session from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. An examination was conducted on the 18th of December 2016.

The course proceeded smoothly and a positive feedback was given by the participants and the guest. The Institute and department were very helpful and supportive. 


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