Zonasa 2016: A Report

Zonasa 2016: A Report

Invertis University, Bareilly hosted the 59th Annual Zonal NASA convention of Zone-4, from the 1st of October to the 4th of October, 2016. Themed on ANANTIKARSHA, which meant ‘Infinite Art’ the event, was a great learning experience for the participating students. Zone 4 being the largest in terms of the geographical area brought together diverse ethos and people to interact, share knowledge and showcase their talent. The four days long convention served as a platform to interact and compete in various types of workshops, academic and cultural events apart from the usual fun and frolic.

Having organized a successful ZoNASA – ARCHISMAT in 2015, 2016 was the year for the students of NIT-Rourkela to experience and enjoy zeal of the fest as participants. 43 students including the Unit Secretary, Mithilesh Mandal, Unit Designee Haritha Bharath and Ex-Unit Secretary V. Vivek were registered for the convention.

Students started preparing for the cultural and Reubens Trophy around 15 days before the convention. During peak hours, the institute used to be open for 24/7 to house the night owls of the department who were preparing relentlessly for the meeting.

Some of the most important events of the convention were -

1. Reuben’s Trophy: It showcased the students’ skills to create better architecture and provided a scope for the delegates to share their ideas. The content pinned on the panels represented the work of at least 25 different students, encompassing all subjects and topics necessary for the wholesome growth of a student of architecture.

2. Design 30: It was a competition 30-hour long competition, with the objective to design an exhibition centre according to given problem statements following architectural norms.

3. Main Design 1 and Main Design 2: It was a 6-hour long competition demanding sound hand drafting and CAD skills.  

Apart from these, the events were categorized as Formal, Cultural, Informal, Fun, Seminars, Lectures and Workshops. The cultural events included a Fashion Show and Dance Competition. The Fashion show titled TIERKRIES involved designing and presenting the reflection of celestial objects including fashion couture. The dance competition titled AATMANUBHUTI had 12-minute long performances by each time having a strength of15 members.

Practical workshops, seminars and guest lectures gave an opportunity to the participants to learn apart from showcasing their talents in the various competitive events. Finally, the fun events made the entire convention sporty, relaxed and more joyous. 

Monica Hembram (4th year) and Maynak Das (3rd year) secured 2nd position in CLIMOSIGNIA, a formal event with an objective to design climate responsive architecture while Murali Krishna (3rd year) occupied the 2nd position in a fun event.

On the last day of the event, prizes were distributed to the winners. Renowned musical band ‘The Local Train’ performed at the closing ceremony.


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