For The Love Of Alma Mater

For The Love Of Alma Mater

Sejal Singh Saswat Choudhury | Jan 31, 2017

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They say, a student can never forget his alma mater, even years after he has graduated, for this is where he found his second abode and carved a life for himself away from home. We recently had the opportunity to witness this undying affection for the institute that fosters the dreams of thousands on an yearly basis, as three distinguished alumni graced our campus with their presence almost a month after the Annual Alumni Get-together in Hyderabad, on the eve of convocation to further take the student-alumni relations to another level.

Dushyant Mishra, Alumnus of batch 1996 and founder of XTory, was the first one to set foot on the campus on 18th of January, followed by V.N. Peri, Partner at PwC US, who graced our institute on 21st of Jan on the occasion of 14th Convocation. Dushyant was accompanied by Lalit Vashishta, MD at Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd, proud alumnus of NITR, who went on to deliver excellent sessions in the span of the two days that he was here.

A session was arranged in BBA on the afternoon of 18th, for which classes were officially suspended so that the students could turn up in large numbers. Around 200 students turned up to interact with Lalit and Dushyant, and learn from their experiences in the industry. Lalit went on to deliver a presentation on how to prepare a CV, a piece of paper on which your complete future rests.

19th of January saw Lalit Vashishta give a special talk to all students and faculty members of Chemical Engineering Department on bringing in industry projects and involving interested students in them. These industry projects will not only give the students hands-on experience but also an edge over others when they join the industry in future.

Dushyant had a session with the students from School of Management on the same day, where he discussed the problems bothering them and collectively deliberated upon ways to tackle them. He had a similar talk with the stakeholders of the Department of Metallurgical and Material Science Engineering on 23rd of January, from where he graduated in 1996, where he spoke about the scope of materials and the ways in which 3-D printing could revolutionise the world.

An interactive session with all club members on 22nd of January was arranged for Dushyant, whereinemphasisedized on how rigid our club culture has become and how one should change it in order to truly make it flourish. He presented examples from top-notch institutes such as Harvard and Stanford to substantiate his arguements. He also urged the students to not run after fancy positions such as “President” and feel free to switch from one club to another. He stressed upon the fact that students should feel free to brainstorm amongst themselves without any barrier of seniority, and hence prefixes such as “Sir”, “Mam”, etc need to go.

When asked about his experience at the BBA session, Lalit Vashishta expressed his sadness at the low turn-over:

“It is quite disappointing to see a meagre crowd even after declaring the class off for the day. Students need to realize that we alumni are putting in a lot of effort to come here and the least they can do is come and listen to us. You need to put in some effort to reach out to us and we have everything you can ask for.”

Dushyant Mishra, an optimistic soul, went on to state:

“Students are yet to realize that they are sitting on a goldmine, a pool of diverse and dynamic alumni who are always ready to help them in every way possible. It is the students who need to reach out to them and ask for it. The only thing the alumni expect from them is talent and lots of love. There needs to be countless stories all around the campus which will bind the entire student community and alumni.”

VN Peri, towards the end of his short stay in NITR, was quoted as saying:

“Besides reaching out to alumni, I would urge the students to do what you like and strive hard until you reach your goal. Try seeing problems around you, identify them and solve them. We all are problem solvers at the end of the day.”

Multiple sessions were held at BBA and the alumni also reached out to students through various informal sessions at various places. The centrepiece in all these interactions was to establish a persistent connect between students and alumni in every way possible, which was very well accomplished.

While we hope to see more such enlightening interactions in the future, students must realise the importance of student-alumni relations for the growth of any institute, specifically in terms of its placement, and work towards bridging the distance between the two factions.

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