"Drilling" Ahead: RMGCA 2017

Gyan Prakash Sahoo | Feb 13, 2017

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The Department of Mining Engineering organised a short term course on Rock Mechanics with Ground Control Applications (RMGCA), in association with Department of Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, University of Carbondale, Illinois, the USA during 17th to 19th January. The program was coordinated by Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra, HOD along with Prof. Y P Chugh, SIUC, USA, the Chief Guest of the event.

The course had net registrations of 32, which included Engineers and Managers from industry, HOD of Mining Department of AKS University, Dehradun and one from University of Liberia. On 17th January, the inauguration started at 9:30 am in Senate Hall, with Prof. Chugh lighting the ceremonial lamp. It was followed by his talk on the course overview and the basics of soil and rock mechanics. The talk was also attended by the faculties and research scholars of the department and an open discussion on soil mechanics section was held, followed by a discussion on the analysis of strains and displacement. The first day ended at 5 pm with Prof Chugh visiting Ground Control and Geomechanics labs of the department.

With new zeal, the second day started with a talk on pre and post-excavation states of stress. Prof. Mishra explained about slope stability and engineering properties of rocks, followed by Prof S Jayanthu, who presented some case studies on the recent disaster at Lalmatia mines in Jharkhand. Post lunch, open discussion on rock mass classification systems was held. Then there was a talk on openings design. The day was wrapped up with a visit to Advanced Geomechanics Lab and Prof. Chugh having a brief formal interaction with the students of the department.

The third day began with a discussion on pillar design in the mining systems and further explanation of stability of slopes and dumps. Post lunch, an open discussion on pre-mining investigations of ground control was held where the participants mentioned about various issues faced by them in their working areas. Then there was a discussion on the rock mass reinforcement concepts which included bolting, trusses and standing supports. The entire three-day course ended on a good note with the valedictory ceremony in the Senate Hall, attended by Prof. G K Panda, Dean, SRICCE. Prof. Chugh was presented with a memento, and the participants were given the certificates of participation.

On getting in touch with Prof. Mishra, he said that the participants were happy with the course and wanted the department to conduct more such courses along with the lab components in the future.

Team MM congratulates the department for the successful organisation of the course and expects it to conduct more such courses which involve maximum students, so as to help them in gaining the knowledge on how things work in the industries.     


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