Extending a Helping Hand: NSS NITR

Extending a Helping Hand: NSS NITR

Rohit Biswas | Feb 13, 2017

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As correctly mentioned in the motto of NITR, the primary objective of NIT is to not only produce quality engineers but also extend a helping hand to society to the development of humankind and furtherance of humanity. To instil a feeling of social harmony and communal unity, NSS was introduced in the curriculum of the students. The morning of 5th February was one of such instances where the students of NIT Rourkela tried to fulfil their duties towards the society by participating in Sishumela held in Ved Vyas, Rourkela.

Vedic Ashram and Gurukul Ashram is a place where the mode of teaching is Sanskrit. Some other Vedic subjects are also taught here. Hundreds of students at school level are imparted education on Vedic courses under the guidance of learned Vedic scholars and Sanskrit pandits.

Every year Vedic and Gurukul Ashram organises ‘Sishumela’, which aims at the betterment and furtherance of physically challenged and orphaned children of Rourkela. This year, the Sishumela was held on 5th February 2017 at Vedic Gurukul Ashram, Vedvyas. It was organised by Youth Hostels Associations of India, Rourkela Unit in association with Sri Vedvyas Goshala Samiti, Rourkela, along with volunteer support from Manav Seva Sadan, Rourkela, Gurukul Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Vedic Gurukul Ashram, Vedvyas and Bargaon PVT I.T.I and N.S.S, NIT Rourkela.

Students of NIT reached the Ashram by 10 a.m. The day started with breakfast distribution among the crowd. Hundreds of children gathered at the venue from different schools of Rourkela, which included Radhakrishna Blind School, Home and Hope, Gurukul Sanskrit College among others. It was a pleasant experience to see students of NITR interacting so actively among them. It was followed by a speech by Sir Basant Mallick, the organiser of the event. After that. the honourable guests, representatives of different schools and other dignitaries also shared their views regarding the program.

The N.S.S Group of NIT, Rourkela, headed by Prof. D.P. Acharya coordinated the event under the guidance of Prof. Ramakrishna Biswal.The team comprised of around 50 members of NIT, Rourkela along with a few mentors. The N.S.S. team helped the children to line up during the event. The students interacted with uniquely abled children, which delighted them a lot. 2 members of N.S.S. group also presented an amusing song during the event.

To encourage the talents of those children, different competitions were also conducted. These included a singing competition, athletic competitions and many other. Children participated in those events enthusiastically, and the winners were rewarded with exciting prizes.

It was a mesmerising to see the children perform so well. Even though they are physically challenged, but their dedication towards their work, make them stand no less than an average child. After this, the children were provided with a hearty lunch.

The physically challenged children along with students of NIT and other visitors enjoyed the nutritious food. The N.S.S. team did their best to maintain discipline and cleanliness throughout the program. Finally, the day came to an end, leaving effervescent memories and a warm smile on everyone’s visage.

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