Extricating the Indeterminate:Ask-a-Question 7.0

Extricating the Indeterminate:Ask-a-Question 7.0

Debasis Choudhury Dhruthi | Feb 13, 2017

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After the successful rendition of Ask a question 6.0, team MM took up your questions to various authorities and tried to get concrete answers and remove doubts from your minds. 

Response from T& P cell


Q. How can one apply for T & P leave?

T&P: Students who are sitting for the placement procedure needn’t do anything separately to get their leave. If a student appears the examination and signs the attendance sheet,  the T&P cell takes note of that students and makes sure that the attendance sheet is kept updated and the students are not marked as absent. A similar methodology is used in the case of internships as well.

Responses from the Dean Academics(Prof. B. Majhi)


Q. There were talks going on that the existing attendance rules and a total number of credits will be modified. What is the status of these changes?

BM:  An academic committee comprising of experienced academicians had come on 4th-5th February. They have recommended a set of 150-160 credits for the B.Tech curriculum and have suggested changes regarding the common curriculum of first-year students. Also, we will decide the changes in the M.Tech curriculum very soon. These changes will only apply from the batch of students who would be joining the Institute in the academic year 2017-18.


Q. Is a professor allowed to mark a student absent as a punishment for poor results in tests or answering questions?

BM: A professor doesn’t have the authority to negate the attendance of a student for a poor result in tests as it may lead to grade back and subsequently affect the student's career. However, the professor has the right to reduce the marks in the Teacher’s Assessment avenue if a student performs poorly in class test or a quiz for that particular course. If this practice is persisting, I request the student to contact me.


Q. Is a student forced to go in slow pace?

BM: We are bringing a revision in this arena as well. In the first case, if a student scores less than 5 SGPA in his/her semester, we would have a talk with him. We would advise him/her to take a better career option, but if the student is willing to continue he or she may, and we will not obstruct them. However, basing on the CGPA scored by a student after the second semester, three cases arise:


If the student still scores less than 5 CGPA, he is asked to quit.


If the students have a CGPA between the range of 5-5.69, we ask him to repeat the year.


For those scoring 5.7-6 CGPA we advise them to go with the slow pace as for getting a decent job in the field of engineering 6 CGPA is a must. However, if the student wishes, he or she can proceed to next year. There will be no obstructions from our side, and we will keep giving them warnings. Finally, it will depend on the student with what CGPA he or she passes out and how many years it take. There’s no restriction on that.


Q. Why are there no gaps between exams in the upcoming mid-semesters? Why are we getting three days leave for a three-credit course like OE and not make a more suitable time table by having the gaps between 4 credit courses which belong to various departments?

BM: Previously, there was a  practise of having the Open Elective course exam on the first day itself. However, after students complained citing reasons that OE is a subject they don’t study and miss out on classes for different reasons, we decided to shift it to the last day. The reason being the Open Elective Exam is held on the last day is that it’s an amalgamation of students of many branches and we try to maintain the uniformity as students from every department have a different schedule. This is the motive of having the Open Elective on the last day as there are no date clashes and in this process students of various departments get a various duration of gaps between their fourth theory paper and their respective OE paper. Also, if a gap is given every day, the duration of the semester exams would increase to 15 days which isn’t feasible.


Q. Despite its over-hyped reputation, the NSS course only serves to occupy the leisurely weekends for hours together, which could have been used for self-study,class-assignments completion, other creative pursuits and lastly some relief from the unforgiving five days rigorous class-days. Moreover, it is a part of the ten courses in a semester, which only adds to credit burden. Shouldn't be the credits reduced and the activity made biweekly, or the least be offered as an optional?

BM: We are going to bring a major change from the next academic year. We are going to reduce the credits for the first year to 22 credits. In this process, the NSS activity will not be scrapped and will be conducted in a similar way, but rather we would be giving the student a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade in the activity which would reflect in their grade sheet.


Q. What one needs to do after applying for R1 form on NITRIS portal?

BM: An R1 form is a form, which one is supposed to fill to get any certificate from the academic office. So, once a student has done filling it, they need to get it approved either by their Faculty Advisor or the Head of the Department. They can view the status of the same on NITRIS and once printed the UG and PG students can collect it from the Assistant Registrar Office on the first floor of the main building and the Assistant Registrar Office on the ground floor of the main building, respectively.


Q. Is there a rule that only 15 % students of the class can be awarded be the Ex grade?

BM: There is no such rule. This is only a guideline. There’s no barrier that only 15 % are eligible to get the excellent grade. If all the students are worthy of getting an excellent grade in any course, the teacher is free even to do that. However, on being asked by the Academic Committee, the teacher should have proper explanations as to how he could provide every student with an excellent grade.

To SAC President:


Q. Why are advance forms submitted in SAC not processed as expected? How long will it take for club money to return to the concerned faculty advisor's account?

JB: Initially students pay from their own pockets for all their necessities and then submit the associated bills and other details in SAC for which some part of their requested amount will be reimbursed. The problem of delay in advance bills processing exists not only in SAC related activities but departments and other academic related activities as well. The advance forms are approved and sent from SAC office to the finance department of our institute within one day of application. The allotted fund should be transferred to the faculty advisor's account within one week, but the form approval is being delayed by a considerable amount of time in the finance department. I am not completely aware of the reason behind this delay, but it may be due to the financial crisis of the institute or something else. Usually, all financial related matters are dealt and finally approved by Dean and Director of our Institute.


Q.  Why is Innovision getting much lower budget than NITRUTSAV (NU) when Innovision has more visitors than NU?

JB: The student elected body in our presence decides the distribution of fund for various fests and events. We have a nominal role in decision-making, and we normally supervise their decision and make suggestions. The secretaries of various societies decide among themselves, conclude and discuss it with Dean Student Welfare (SW), SAC President and Vice-Presidents. The decision will be made by the student elected body and sent to the approval of the Director through us.


Q. What all things come under the student activity fee which is collected as 2000 per semester from each student?

JB: There are roughly 6000 students in NIT Rourkela, and every individual is charged two thousand rupees as SAC fee every semester. A total amount of two crore forty lakhs is collected every semester under SAC fee, and ideally, the entire fee must turn out to be the SAC budget for that semester. However, the institute has the power to cut down some part of it and utilise for the maintenance of the offices, the salary of employees, etc. Obviously, the entire SAC fee will not be used for other purposes, and this cut down has not affected the SAC activities or its funds in any way. This year ISM is cancelled, and the budget allotted to this event is almost ten lakh rupees. The utilisation of this unspent money takes place based on the decision of Dean and Director.


Q. How was the money allocated to NU utilised?

JB: Student elected body (Vice-Presidents and cultural society decide this in a meeting) decides it.


Q. Screening of movies in BBA is being delayed. What is the reason for this delay?

JB: I suppose this project is not yet materialised, but they have already installed Dish TV. They can display some shows, movies, etc., on demand by the students but there are some legal issues that may pop up. The institute is consulting about various legal issues that may arise by putting up Dish TV in an auditorium for a crowd because Dish TV is installed in houses for domestic purposes. This is the only hindrance we have, and once we are through this, the display of shows in BBA might begin at a good pace.


Q. Air-conditioning in BBA is not properly maintained, and some seats have been damaged from a long time. What actions are taken for the maintenance of these?

JB: BBA is an institute facility and all events not only SAC related, but many department events and several other major events take place in BBA. For now, SAC is the care taker of BBA and issues its keys to the requested people for different events. Many a time, we asked the registrar for several repairs in BBA, but it is being delayed. I think the maintenance should be taken up the institute itself instead of relying on SAC. Besides all the functions of SAC, I do not feel it justified to burden us with the maintenance of BBA as well.

To P.K Rout, Sports Officer


Q. When will the condition of the tennis court improve which are suffering from many cracks?

PKR: We had requested to repair the tennis courts two months back to the estate office. On contacting, they have been telling me that the process has been initialised and is pending approval from certain authorities. I would like the students to know that I had given the proposal of a new synthetic court at the same place to the ex-Director, Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi, and the courts’ budget provision and measurement have been done, since the change in office the procedure has become slow and it’s still in pipeline.

To A.K Turuk, Head, Computer Centre


Q. Why was there no supply of internet in the evening on Saturday and until 5 PM on Sunday?

AKT: This happened because the NIT Rourkela 1GBPS link was down since 21:56 IST due to multiple fibre cuts between NIC Bhubaneswar to BSNL transmission. We had already informed BSNL for restoring the services as soon as possible.


N.B- The questions directed towards the Director and Chief Warden will be published in Director Desk and Chief Warden Column.

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