Forging New Paths: HMC 6.0

Forging New Paths: HMC 6.0

Satyajit Mahapatra | Feb 13, 2017

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With the current year almost halfway through the semester, the Hall Management Council convened for a meeting on the 10th of February to discuss some future aspects as well as review the decisions taken in the previous meeting. Here is a brief summary of the minutes from the 38th meeting.

The meeting commenced with the Director addressing the members of the meeting and requesting the cooperation of every member for ensuring better management of all the Halls of Residence. The minutes of the 37th HMC meeting were approved and the points resolved in the previous meeting were implemented.

Recruitment of New Ministerial staff:

It was decided to recruit Mr. Bipin Bihari Mohapatra, retired assistant as the Jr. Assistant/Accountant on a contractual basis. The appointment was necessary considering the difficulties the office of the chief warden faced in the absence of Jr. Assistant/Accountant. The director advised initiating the matter.

Review of Saraswati Puja:

Saraswati Puja was celebrated on the first of February followed by the immersion of the idol on third. All the Wardens and General Secretaries were requested to submit the bills of Saraswati Puja by 15th February, 2017 without fail.

Grand Farewell:

The date of Grand Farewell was fixed on 8th April 2017 (Saturday). The committees, which were formed in the previous HMC to oversee the preparation of the Grand Farewell, were requested to submit the report by 20th February 2017.  The Director agreed to continue the fest as per previous practice but however, refused to host any cultural activities with the farewell dinner.

Power Supply:

The connection of the DG power supply housed at DBA Hall of Residence has been diverted to the academic area since July, 2016. The chief warden requested the Director to supply power from the DG set to the hostels after 6:00 pm while the power supply to the academic area at the same time can be made from other DG sets situated at nearby locations. The Director has considered the suggestion and prompt action is expected.

General Management of all Hall of Residence:

All Wardens, Assistant Wardens and elected representatives were requested to uphold decent standards of environment maintenance in every hall of residence.

The proposal for the installation of mosquito nets in the windows of CVR hall of Residence was dropped and it was decided to devise alternate means to counter the menace of mosquitoes in CVR, Hall of Residence. The idea to use carbolic acid and pesticide to contain the pest infestation in all halls of residence was raised and accepted.

Considering the high maintenance and electricity bills associated with the use of geysers in the hostels, the Director proposed for the installation of solar water heating apparatus in all the halls of residence. The purchase committee of the HMC is expected to contemplate on the idea and explore the feasibility of such an installation.

Hall Discipline and Hall Cleanliness:

All members of the HMC were requested to maintain hall discipline and to maintain high standards of hygiene in the hostels. Wardens and Assistant Wardens were requested to visit the halls more often to examine the activities in the hostel and the general secretaries of all the halls were requested to cooperate the Warden to maintain discipline in the hostels.

Miscellaneous Decisions with the Permission of the Chair:

Committee for Waste Management

 A committee constituting the following members has been constituted to look after the waste management system. The system is expected to transform the wet waste into organic compost to maintain a safe and hygienic environment in the hall area. The committee is expected to submit its feasibility report to the Chief Warden.



Sl. No.


Name of the Member




Prof. R.K. Patel (CY)





Prof. A. Thirugnanam (BM)





Prof. Suman Jha (LS)





Prof. S. Jayabalan (LS)





Prof. Monalisha Mishra (LS)




Late Entry for Night at Women Hostel:

It was decided to adhere to the guidelines formulated during the 33rd HMC for resolving issues related to late night entries in the women hostel.  The statements of the 33rd HMC were reiterated in the meeting. However, no clarification was provided regarding the procedure for evicting a boarder from the hostel in case of her fourth instance of late entry.


Hall Day Expenditures:

The Chief Warden urged all the Wardens to strictly abide by all the procedures of the institute while dealing with the expenses for a hall function.


Quality Control and Smooth Running of Mess:

Two teams of Assistant Wardens have been formed to look after the quality control and smooth running of the mess. The teams will be visiting the mess of all the different hostels to gauge the quality of food provided in each hall as per a pre-decided schedule and submit a report once a fortnight to the Chief Warden with counter signature and comment of the respective Warden. Mr. Rajesh Beuria (Technical Assistant) shall be reporting directly to the Chief Warden on the status of the cleanliness in the hall on a daily basis.

Although certain agendas of the meeting seem very promising, it remains to be seen as to how much of the words really transform into actions. The meeting thus concluded at 8:30 pm with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

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