The Sportsman's Arena: DTS Review

The Sportsman's Arena: DTS Review

Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS) is a football cum hockey stadium frequented not only by the sports enthusiasts but the general public as well. Although the primary purpose of this stadium was to play football and hockey, the athletes, the table tennis players, and more recently the cricketers have trodden inside this arena full of dazzling floodlights, to improve their sportsmanship. Apart from that, students also use it to conduct many DJ/EDM nights, pro shows, and other high-end college functions. The stadium was made in the name of the living legend - Dilip Tirkey, an internationally renowned hockey player.

Monday Morning did an annual review of our very own stadium which has over the years seen a multitude of events ranging from sports to fest. Read on to find more.


Answering the Call of Inter-NIT Meet: A Cricket Stadium

The ground is maintained differently for football and cricket, and under ideal circumstances, they can’t be swapped. And even though customarily, cricket is played in Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex, for the Inter-NIT cricket tournament, they preferred using DTS. Here’s what the captain of Institute Cricket team, Saurav Mishra had to say:


“They maintained DTS pretty well and it felt good playing there. Also, the football team had stopped playing since the preparations for inter NIT started. So, it wasn’t uneven at all which made it really convenient for us.”


NITR’s Very Own Camp Nou: DTS as a Football field

The Dilip Tirkey Stadium, which was originally meant to be a Hockey-Football stadium caters to the need of every football enthusiast in the Institute. And the Institute team, for one, is very satisfied with the vast space and the equipment that they are regarding. Besides, they did not have any complaints regarding its usage as a cricket ground. Reacting to this, the captain of the Institute football team, Debapriya Chottray said:


“DTS never got transformed into a full-fledged cricket field. This was a necessary step due to the call of Inter-NIT and the participation of many teams and also considering the time span within which they had to finish. The same happened with football last year as they did convert STSC into a football ground temporarily. So, there are no issues regarding that.”



Saswata Bisi, an active and senior member of both football and cricket team, was of the opinion that:

“The ground was well maintained before the tournament with constant watering and all. But, once the tournament was over, the watering was also stopped. We requested the authorities to continue that and they said they will which is a good thing.”


Enclosed by Luminescence: Functionality of Floodlights

Floodlights are one of the indispensable and uncompromisable requirements any football field demands. When it comes to that, DTS has been a little underperforming, to say the least. The team members are not satisfied because the lights are ineffectual and become dysfunctional quite often which is why they are being replaced regularly. One of the reasons behind this is because of the rats which enter the control box and create technical issues. The control box has been provided with a special lock which would prevent the rats from entering, but the students don't use it most of the time. Other than that, DTS has eight lights which are working because the rest were shifted to STSC for the Inter-NIT cricket tournament. The cricket team, however, has got no issues as they had played all the matches in the broad daylight because the floodlights in DTS are not suitable enough to play cricket during night.

Obviously, for all the musical nights and others, the lights that are put up are different, and these floodlights are not really into play.


Nascence of a Sport: Futsal

Futsal is a variant of association football played on a hardcourt, smaller than a football pitch and mainly indoors. Descending from football, Futsal involves the play of a similar kind but is normally played between two teams of five players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper defending a goal post in terms of length and height of an actual football goal post. Considering the amount of participation Futsal witnesses in every fest, it forms one of the most hyped events, and easily one of the most successful events too. However, due to the absence of a proper court, the event is conducted beside the volleyball court. And when some students tried to use the basketball court for playing futsal, a webmail was circulated disallowing them to do so in future. While that rule is appropriate considering the fact that the basketball court gets cracked because of the football shoes, however, the stagnancy of the Games and Sports Society over the past years in bringing anything new is not something to let go by.

Team MM discussed the prospect of building a futsal court beside the gallery of DTS or in front of DTS. Supporting the upliftment of a sport as popular as futsal, Saswata Bisi said,

“Building a Futsal ground won't hamper anything. The point is it would really help a group of 10 or 12 players as they alone cannot play in such a big ground. It really would develop their passing skills and people won't have to cancel their playing ideas just because they don't have enough players.”

In an interview regarding Futsal, Prof. P. K. Rout said:

“Currently, there are no plans of bulding a futsal court but if it is built, we could do it in the free space in P.T.Usha Sports Complex, the place beside STSC. However, students should not use Basketball court to play Futsal.”


Being a ‘Fit’ Human: Physical Education Class

The physical education course forms a two credited course in the first year curriculum and takes place from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the weekdays, at DTS. The students are divided into various groups according to their departments. Then after, the students are asked to jog for a round or two. Attendance is taken, and stretching drills are subsequently followed. This exercise happens for 15-20 minutes, and then the students are given football, cricket or badminton equipment to play which go on for an hour until the second round of attendance is taken, and the class is concluded.


The ‘Back and forth’ game: Table Tennis Update

The stadium is also being utilised by the Institute table tennis team to practice. Even though the players are satisfied with the place, they are pretty disappointed with the equipment. Prof. Rout stated:

“New equipmet for Table Tennis, Football and Hockey have been procured and we will start using them after some formal procedures are completed.”



The indoor part of DTS has 2 Table Tennis tables and a billiards table. The billiards table is in an unplayable condition from the past two years. Precisely speaking, the rackets are outdated and the numbers of tables are not sufficient as the number of Table Tennis players are growing day by day. The captain of the institute captain of the table tennis team, Ashish Kumar, said:

“There is less space for us to play as other players keep their equipment in the same area where we play. I think the authorities should look into this matter and provide them with some other place where they can keep all their equipment.”

Any stadium could potentially host more than one type of sport or event. Apart from a few hiccups that wouldn’t withstand in the high insight, DTS’ multi-functionality promoting cricket, football, tennis along with conducting pro shows and EDM nights during fests stands out making every student be a part of it.

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