- The Final Destination for all Alumni Needs - The Final Destination for all Alumni Needs

The NITRAA website ( has made it very convenient for the alumni to stay in touch with the happenings of NITRAA. An aesthetically pleasing website, the new interface is a simple amalgamation of various features brought together on a single homepage. When one opens the homepage, they can see three sections, News and Announcements, Events and a Sign-Up/ Register option. The News and Announcements section announces the latest happenings with regard to NITRAA. The events section informs the users about the past and upcoming events. Currently, NITRAA is scheduled to have its 53rd Annual General Body Meeting, to be held on the 16th of April, 2017 at Indo-German Club, Sector 2, Rourkela. In the Sign In/Register option, people have the option to Connect with Facebook or LinkedIn, or via email address too. As one scrolls down, he/she can see a section where one can share Alumni needs, Gallery with pictures of various NITRAA meets, a Career Centre Window where job openings are listed and Campaigns. What is probably the most stunning part of the entire website is the Alumni around the World section, wherein one can explore alumni on the world map.

On the top, a toolbar contains various drop-downs which can be used to navigate around the website.

When the Project bar is clicked, various projects in need of fundraising can be accessed. To the right of this is the Events bar, where one can check in on the various events to be held through the course of the year. After this is the Utility bar, where is the e-polling 2016 option, Chapter Election, E-Store and NITRAA Bhavan. 2016 was the election year for electing office bearers of NITRAA as per Constitution Clause No. 8:6:1. As the name suggests, NITRAA's official merchandise can be bought from the E-Store option. NITRAA Bhavan is a section exclusive for its members. Next, under the More toolbar is the Alma Mater store, Constitution of NITRAA, Chapters, News Bulletin, Sailalata Memorial Award, Minutes of Meetings, Souvenir, Alumni Needs, Photo Gallery, and FAQ. Under the NITRAA EC bar are a few very important committes, mentioned below: 


Alumni Outreach Committee:

Several alumni across multiple batches are registered on the website, making it easier to connect for people with varying needs. The current plan remains to build a comprehensive database of all the contacts of alumni. With V.N. Peri serving as its Chairman and Biswajit Mishra as General Secretary, the committee is also aiming to consolidate the local chapters of NITRAA and recognizing some eminent alumni each year. Besides, it aims at helping alumni in jobs, placements and medical aid.

Student Outreach:

With Prof S.K. Patel serving as its Chairman, its main objective is to connect with alumni for placements/summer internships and higher education. It also aims at developing an Incubation lab to encourage students to take up new thoughts and ideas. The plan is to reward 5 such ideas with INR 1 lakh each, every year.

The website also links to the official website of the institute on clicking on the alma mater stories from the drop-down menu.

Besides, there are other committees, like Institute Relationship, Infrastructure Development etc., all with the common goal of strengthening alumni and alma mater relations; and aiming at the welfare of both parties.

Talking to Biswajit Mishra at length, he shares his perception as:

When we revamped the website in 2015, we had 8000 odd members registered and now we have more than 15,000 , the growth being a staggering hundred percent. The website has state of the art facilities along the lines of other leading institutions. We continue to add more features but the success will come only if people understand the importance of this and get themselves registered. Generally, senior alumni don’t have a Facebook account or Gmail id and aren’t much active on social media. We need to focus on the younger ones and unless people realize the importance of networking that it can do wonders, our purpose won’t be solved.

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