Researchers' Humble Abode: RSW 2017

Researchers' Humble Abode: RSW 2017

The Research Scholars’ Week (RSW) was conducted in our institute from 21st to 23rd February 2017. Considering the diversity in education NIT Rourkela strives to provide or the scientific and technical research it tries to promote, Research Scholars’ Week just added another feather to this institutes’ cap. The research students who had completed 3 years had to present posters designed by them as per the schedule. Prof. B. Majhi who was the events’ Convenor led the whole event. Pushpdant Jain, the head of the student organizing committee, led a team of 13 members who coordinated and ensured smooth going events without much hassle.

The various co-ordinators and student heads of the events are furrnished.

Sl. No.



Student Organizers




Prof. P.K Sa, Prof. R. Dash and Prof. S. Pal

Chintan Raiyani, Debajeet De, Soumya Ranjan Panda

Publication of souvenirs, ID cards, posters and banners.


Speakers and hospitality

Prof. Debayan Sarkar, Prof. S. Mishra and Prof. M. Moharana

Soumya Ranjan Panda, Subrat Bhuyan and Kishor Kumar Mahto

The accompanying and accommodation of all the guest lecturers who had arrived.


Poster evaluation/ assessment

Prof. P.Mahanandia, Prof. P.Dash and Prof. M.Okade

Kishor Kumar Mahto, Krutika Routray and Mayur Joshi

Taking the professors to the posters of the respective departments.


Organizing, Venue preparation and Gala dinner

Prof. Archana Mallik, Prof. N.Mishra, Prof. D. Sarkar and Prof. P. Mahanandia

Pushpdant Jain, Harshitha Gandham, Shambhdutta Nanda, Smitha Chandran, Rajashree, Mayur Joshi, Janak Kakdiya and K.Siva Krishna

The overall organizing of the event including BBA sitting plan, stage organization, and all other logistics.


The invitation was sent to all the students, teaching and non-teaching faculty member of the institute through webmail by the last week of January. The publicity for the event was being done from the 5th of February and a souvenir was specially made for the Research Scholar Week 2017 by the publication team.

Poster Presentation Contest

The poster presentation was held on each day after the guest lectures. It was mandatory for all eligible students. However, only 233 students from 18 departments were able to submit the posters within the deadline of submitting the abstract by 6th February 2017.

The abstract, which was submitted by all the participants, consisted of:

  • General statement
  • Description
  • Problem
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Conclusion

All the participants were divided into 4 slots based on their branches with inter-related branches being allotted the same slots. The posters were assessed department-wise, out of 100, based on the following criteria: 

  • Content (50)
  • Poster outlook (10)
  • Viva (20)
  • Publication and journals (20)

Three faculty members each from the Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering formed the judging committee alongside one faculty member from the School of Management and two faculty members each, from all other departments. There was a total of two rounds in which the best poster from each of the departments was selected in the first round and in the second round, the winners among the top 18 were to be selected. For the final round, eight judges were present from the various departments of the institute. The first round was completed on the first two days and the second round was done on the final day of the event.

Day 1

The inaguration of the event was done by the patron of the event, the Director of the institute, Dr. Animesh Biswas by lighting the lamp at 8.30 AM at Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium (BBA) . It was followed up by two guest lectures on the first day – one by Prof. Alok Satapathy and the other by Prof. J.K. Satapathy. These lectures were held in BBAand the poster presentation session was held in Rajendra Mishra (RM) Hall. On the first day, there were two slots, which covered Ph.D. students from nine departments. The evening ended with the research scholars giving performances that lightened the mood.

The Cultural Programmes were as follows:

Sl. No.


Solo/ Group Name

Type of performance


Smruti Jagadeb and group

Specs Bouncer

Group Dance


Swayam Prabha


Odiya Folk


Sourav Ganguly

Retro Tadka

Solo Dance


Akhtar Khan

Kavi ki Kalpana



Smitha and Akash

Apple in Bubble with Pumpkin

Folk dance


Prasadini Mohapatra




Agam Das Goswami

Purani Jeans

Solo Song


Soberly Mohanty

O re piya

Solo Dance


Devendra Ghodki and group

Rockstarz Group

Group Song


Susmita Mandal, Nutan Shukla and Suprava Jena

Rythmic Birds

Group dance


Subrat Bhuyan

Yaaro ka Yaar


Prof. Debayan Sarkar, part of the accommodation committee of the guests, was quoted as saying:

There were some problems related to non-availability of students at certain occasions but overall it was a smooth process. Our Director and the various speakers who had come for the event have suggested us to make it a conclave from the next year by inviting other IITs and NITs. We will channel our plans accordingly from the next year.

Day 2

Prof. Ashok Mahapatra, Director of BIPros, Bhubaneswar and an alumnus of NIT Rourkela gave a lecture and connected the audience with four alumni through Skype. They were Kamal Panda (CSE), Hemanta Panda (EE), and Sunil Mishra (EE) from the class of 1990 and Bramha Acharya (ME) from the class of 1997. Bramha Acharya, who works at Kare4u, connected with the audience from Bhubaneswar and the others from the United States.

After that, the posters from the remaining nine departments were presented after which the students and faculties proceeded to the gala dinner at SAC gardens.

Prof. Archana Mallik, part of the Organizing committee, was quoted as saying:

There were no organizational problems; we had a very efficient student organizing team which led to the smooth conduction of the event. Everything went well.

Day 3

The proceedings on Day 3 started with a lecture from Professor Subrat Ghosh, a notable dignitary from IACS Kolkata at BBA. Following which, another guest lecture was given by Professor A.T. Khan, a faculty member from IIT Guwahati at the same venue. The guest lecture of Prof A.T. Khan was shifted from day one to the final day, as he had to be a part of a meeting, which was presided by the Honorary Chief Minister of the state. The focus then shifted to the selecting the best two posters in the Science and Engineering section from the 18, which had been shortlisted for the same at RM exhibition hall. After a lengthy discussion and head scratching, the winners, which were announced, were,

  • Visweswara Rao Samoju (Department of Electronics and Communication) – Engineering section.
  • Aniket Kumar (Department of Chemistry) and Prajna Paramita Naik (Department of Life Science) – Science section.


The proceedings then broke for lunch and in the evening around 7 P.M., the valedictory ceremony started at BBA. All the 233 participants who had participated in the event got their participation certificates, while the 18 shortlisted ones got a trophy alongside a certificate and the winners were awarded a trophy each and an appreciation certificate. The Director of the institute was present at the venue to give away the awards alongside the notable dignitaries who had graced the dais that day.


The participants were asked to conclude their abstract within 250 words and had to submit the same for the souvenir. The souvenir consisted of the message from the Director of the institute, the Dean (Academics), abstract of poster sessions and a list of all the degree recipients from 2017, department wise. It was provided to all the enthusiasts who took part in the three-day-long event.

Pushpdant Jain, the team lead for the student organizing team, was quoted as saying:

Every year the major portion of conduction of the event was being done by the faculty members. However, we (the student organizing team) took it upon ourselves to take the major load and do all the work efficiently, this year. Other than some minor technical glitches and the problem of generalization of lectures, where in a student of a particular department is not benefited from a certain lecture, there were no major problems. So, overall it was a very smoothly conducted event.

Visions for the RSW

Prof B.Majhi, the Convener for the Research Scholar Week event, 2017 was quoted as saying:

The funding of the event was INR 3.5 lakhs. There were some wonderful events and we are planning it to make a conclave from the next academic year. In the conclave, we would ask each department to send in their best two posters in the field of science and engineering so that they can compete with the other institutes from all around the country. It will be a two day event, one day each being dedicated to the scope of Engineering and Science respectively. This year however, the timing of the event could have been improved as I wanted to see the involvement of undergraduate students in the event and wanted them to gain knowledge from the same. These are some factors we are working upon.

Prof. P. Mahanandia, who was a member of the poster evaluation and organizing committee, quoted:

We didn’t face any problems as such but one thing we need to consider is to arrange lunch for students. In addition, we want to involve students from other universities as well as from industries. In the production line, the difficulties faced by employees in the R&D sector and we want them to come and share their problems and shortcomings with us. In addition, as promised by our Director, it will be more official from next time onwards. We would like to have more and more publications and in due course of time, we want to include more undergraduate students who are interested in research. This year due to some scheduling constraints, we could not do that and RSW clashed with the mid-semester examinations of the undergraduates, but next year onwards, we will definitely avoid it.

The Final Word

The organizers put their best efforts, started all the procedures well before conducting the event, which ultimately led to the successful conduction of the event. The Director was very happy with the conduction of the event and it was a matter of immense pride for the whole team. However, certain limitations such as limited funding for the event and the lack of good publishers for the scholar articles remain a concern, which the team hopes will be efficiently resolved by the combined efforts of the faculty member and the research scholars from next year onwards.

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