Earning Accolades: RITVIC Club Annual Review

Earning Accolades: RITVIC Club Annual Review

Nikhil Vobbilisetty | Mar 26, 2017

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RITVIC is a cultural club which was started on the 8th of August, 2015 under the Literary and Cultural Society. The club was founded because the founding members found that there was no culture of Sanskrit here. For example, in the Indian culture, Mantras are chanted while beginning any auspicious event, when the lamps are lighted, which is now being done by RITVIC Club for every event. Also, the usage of Hindi was drastically degrading, although people knew the language. So, in order to spread awareness about how rich our culture is, they decided to do stage plays, street plays etc. with the main focus on street plays. RITVIC stands for Rejuvenating Indian Thinking by Verbal Interactive Communication.


NITR Darshan

Freshmen have no idea of what NITR has in store for them, so RITVIC club decided to perform a street play to portray the life of NITR students, on August 1st, 2016 in LA lawns. In NITR Darshan, they depicted various aspects of life here, such as Hostel Life, DC, SAC Politics etc. The performance was an informative one, wherein the freshmen were informed of various things they need to know, be it whom they need to complain to if they get ragged, if they have any issues, where they can find out about the happenings around the institute, clubs, club activities, events, fests etc. The street play lasted for 20-25 minutes and had a turnover of nearly 500 people.


Institute Freshers

Before the Freshers, RITVIC club made a movie for the freshmen, with new inductees from the first year; they talked about campus life there. For freshers’, they decided to make a parody of Sholay and Gangs of Wasseypur, called Wasseypur main Sholay. The play did not receive a great response, with many of the freshmen not being able to understand the various references made during the performance.

Other than these two, RITVIC club performed for Convocation and Manthan. Manthan is India’s largest annual street play festival wherein a select few teams were asked to perform in their respective institutes under the banner of Manthan.


Street Play Competitions


XPRESSIONS: XIMB (11 - 13th November 2016)

XIMB, Bhubhaneshwar had shortlisted only 6 teams out of the various applications they had received. Teams had to send in videos of them perform, and then team XIMB would shortlist them based on how appealing and relevant their performance to us. Although Team RITVIC did not win, they stood 4th in the competition.


MOOD Indigo (23rd - 26th December 2016)

In MOOD Indigo, IIT Bombay their annual street play competition called ‘Third Bell’, Team RITVIC                performed a stage play called ‘Nishaani’, which focused on the tortures a Dalit brother-sister pair went through.


NITRUTSAV (3rd -5th February 2017)

Team RITVIC participated in NU’s street play event, ‘NU’kkad, where they performed on Demonetization. The event had only one participant, and hence RITVIC stood first.


BITOTSAV: BIT Mesra (16th -20th March 2017)

Team RITVIC went to BIT Mesra, Ranchi to participate in their street play event ‘Pukaar’, where the theme of their street play was ‘Demonetization’. Team RITVIC stood 4th and lost third place by a single point.


When we talked to their president Mohit Gupta, he said:

“Through the course of this year, every place we visited, every team we rooted against and every event we participated in has been a learning step for us and has helped us grow. The street play culture was very nascent in our institute before, but now can be seen growing. More and more people have started showing interest in plays and have come forward. This is all we stand for and hope to see better growth in the coming years.”

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