Roars of Hope: LEO Club Review

Roars of Hope: LEO Club Review

Sampoojya Choppalli | Mar 28, 2017

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An important component of service to ourselves is service to others. The Leo Club of NITR strongly believes in this idea of giving ourselves to make our environment better. The club has successfully helped some of those who are in need of care and love.


Autumn Semester, 2016:

Like every year, the members of Leo visited Home and Hope kids, the school for specially challenged people on Independence day. They interacted and encouraged the kids in parade it the Ispat Stadium and distributed sweets among all.

Shanti Bhawan, an old age home an orphanage of the Missionaries of Charity in Rourkela was visited on 10th September, 2016, where they overwhelmed those who were looking for someone to visit and take care of them. This project was a collaboration with Synergy, Cinematics and Ritvic Club and for the first time everybody helped transform the gloomy place to a fun, sparkling and cheerful environment by performing music, dance and drama. The residents of Shanti Bhawan were pleased to receive sweets, biscuits, clothes mosquito nets and blankets that the Leos had donated

REC School was LEO’s third project. On 17th of September, the members of the club took the initiative to organize various competitions like singing, painting and elocution for students of classes 2 to 6. The project continued from October where every week, four members of the club visit the school for couple of hours to teach and help the students of grade 9 and 10 with Mathematics and spoken English.

On Diwali 2016, the Leos decorated the Shanti Bhawan with diyas and candles and celebrated Diwali with crackers which they collected as donation from faculty and other residents of NITR campus. Around 50 members of the club assembled and their friends assembled there in that evening and filled their lives with rays of light and hope. The residents of Shanti Bhawan were delighted to see the helping hands and smiling faces again.

Rhapsody 2k16 – the Flagship event of Leo Club of NITR was held on 13th November. About 650 students from 25 schools of Rourkela participated in 20 odd interschool events organised by the club including Chess, Face Painting, Dance, Singing, Instrumental, and even Fashion Show. The event was a huge success and the money collected from registration fees was donated to the poor and needy.

Spring Semester, 2017:

Leo Club started their Spring semester mission by visiting Home and Hope on Republic day, 2017. The members distributed sweets and had a fun interactive session with the kids. The club members revisited them on Saraswati Puja and worshipped the Goddess. They distributed sweets and necessary materials required for an art camp for the students of Home and Hope. During Nitrutsav, the Leos set up a stall in our Institute campus, where the items that were made by the children with a lot of effort and creativity were sold and the money that they raised was given to the school.

Some children from Birsa Munda School were taken to Lions Eye Hospital in Civil Township of Rourkela to get their eye check-up done as they were facing some vision problems. This project was done in collaboration with Lions International.

On Holi, the members of the club visited Basanti Orphanage. They had an interactive session with the children who were not really exposed to the outside world. The children were excited and played the festival of colours with the club members.

A donation amounting close to Rs 10,000 was collected from the alumni of Leo for the reconstruction of Shanti Bhavan’s water tank. Sand and Cement was bought and given as they did not have the money to do so.

Future Projects:

The club is now planning to visit a Juvenile Jail in Rourkela and have a counselling session with the young convicts to inculcate some moral values and make them walk in the right path.

The club is day by day taking a step forward giving the needy a ray of hope and never letting their curves down. The members are putting their heart and soul together and also muster a lot of strength and effort to make those frowzy and dispirited lives joyful and radiant. Team MM wishes them on their victory and hopes that they achieve greater success ahead.

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