An Ode to the Budding Entrepreneur

An Ode to the Budding Entrepreneur

Anubhav Kar | Mar 28, 2017

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One of the key aspects of becoming an entrepreneur is to have inspiration from the other successful entrepreneurs. However, the examples of Gates, Buffet, and Musk, while seeming great in principle; aren’t really what a budding entrepreneur is looking for. Thus, the best examples are the ones which one finds in his/her own backyard. To this effect, Ankit Kedia, founder of Sportsvilla and a graduate of 2013 batch of chemical engineering delivered an inspirational session on the various nuances of becoming an entrepreneur.

The session was held on 16th March 2017 in the Chemical Department Seminar Hall. The session consisted of a talk delivered by Ankit about the various aspects of becoming an entrepreneur such as breaking out of the stereotypes of getting a job, asking the right questions and some relevant examples of start-ups which included the likes of Dosa Plaza, Social Cops and Get My Parking which all were founded by students and people with the no formal knowledge of business.

This was followed by an interactive session in which Ankit answered queries related to how to get started with a start-up, how to approach investors and most importantly the need to choose the path less trodden in a world filled with problems which can be solved by simple logical solutions which in turn can be turned into successful enterprises.

Drawing a leaf from his own venture, Ankit said that he had always been interested in working in the sports domain and considering that sports is still not considered as a frontline industry in India as it is in the USA or Europe, he came up with the idea of Sportsvilla which caters to one’s sports requirements in sports centres across India and also deals with sports goods and apparel.

Regarding Be Aware 2.0, Ankit says,

One of the major problems with people not venturing into start-ups is a lack of number of examples of entrepreneurs and Be Aware is a good platform to bring such eminent personalities. Further, the students must develop the attitude of creating opportunities and not waiting for them to knock around the corner. I wanted to be a part of the E Cell, however I couldn’t make the cut. Thus , I went and started my own entrepreneurial venture and learnt everything about business from scratch. The world is filled with possibilities, problems that need to be solved and with the talent of the NITians, they should definitely venture more into start-ups as in the current scenario there seems to be a huge disparity between the students and the start-up culture.

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