The Creative Connect: ROOTS 2K17

The Creative Connect: ROOTS 2K17

Abyakta Patra Anubhav Singh | Mar 30, 2017

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At this point of the academic year, when the entire NITR junta is battling against the scorching summers and a major portion of the populace has started preparing for the upcoming end-semester examinations, the Film and Music Society along with some of the active creative thinkers on campus, have come up with the plan of the first Creative Confluence of the institute - ROOTS. With an objective to motivate and connect artistes across varied disciplines, this confluence would serve as a platform where pioneers in the field of art, music, poetry, design, photography and film-making would gather in the institute to share their success stories and host guest lectures, workshops, and interactive session to give the participants an opportunity to learn new things.

The Idea of the Confluence

During the annual budget distribution of SAC, a total of 4.5 lakhs was allocated for the Film Fest, but it was not possible to host a Film Fest in the institute for multiple reasons. So the secretaries of FMS were working on a plan to host a Creative Confluence, which would facilitate an interaction and learning experience for the students. Round the year, the clubs under FMS participate in several events and bring back laurels for the institute by exhibiting their talent but they miss out on the opportunity to continue their passion as a profession because of lack of access and exposure. This event is aimed at helping them get in touch with people who have taken up alternate careers and forged a path for themselves when none existed. So to provide a platform, where students can interact with them and draw inspiration from their success stories, Roots was conceptualized.

The secretaries of FMS pitched this idea to Prof. V.K. Reddy, Vice-President (Film and Music Society) and after getting his permission, they called for a meeting with the post holders of all the satellite clubs under the society, where they discussed and deliberated about the feasibility of such a confluence. Finally, after taking everyone’s suggestions into account, they decided to host the event in the first weekend of April, 1st and 2nd April, respectively. 


The confluence has been allocated a total budget of INR 5.42 lakhs, out of which INR 4.50 lakhs was allotted from the budget of the Film Fest and the rest has been taken from the miscellaneous funds. The breakdown of the total budget is represented in the pie chart:


Events and Workshops Under Roots

The workshops to be conducted are open for everyone and are broadly classified into 6 different categories namely:

  • Photography
  • Design
  • Film-Making
  • Literature and Poetry
  • Art
  • Music

The dual day schedule of the confluence is crammed with a spectrum of varied events to provide a fun filled learning opportunity. The confluence has a number of guest lecturers featuring the likes of Ranganath Krishnamani (Multi-Disciplinary Designer), Rufus Reynolds (Street and Travel Photographer), Nimisha Verma (Painter, Writer, Model, Photographer), and Annesha Dutta (Blogger, Travel Writer, Speaker at Toastmaster International).

The organizing committee has recently launched a website where one can find complete information regarding the two-day event. The link for the website is: Roots.


The Organising Committee

This Creative Confluence is the brainchild of Abodid Sahoo, who along with other members of the organizing committee is striving hard to leave a mark in the fest culture of the institute. Following is the list of members in organizing committee:

Name of Members

Functional Role 

Rites Bera

Chief Designer of Website, Visual Content, Guest Invitations 

Dilip Raj Baral

Website Backend 

Kunal Sahu

Design of Publicity Posters and Poster Series for Guests

Sushovan Das

Preparing Guest List, Content & Schedule.

Abhishek Kuthum

Flex Printing, Memento Design, and Printing

Sumit Mahaptra 

Tshirt, ID Cards, Registration and Local Travel

Samyak Das & Abhijit Nair

Management including the Preparation of Internaries for Guests and Venue Bookings. 

Krishna Sarath & Poorva Singh

Permissions and Finance, Facilitated Help from VPs of FMS

Neha Patnaik

Point of Contact between Different Teams 

Aratrika Ghose

Content Development


In a conversation with Team MM Abodid Sahoo was quoted saying:

The idea behind Roots is to help the clubs under FMS grow, and the general NITR Junta to delve deeper into their creative instincts. This is not a fest, but an opportunity for people to learn new things from the workshops that are being spanned over these two days. We are trying to bring in independent artists to this confluence. People who are coming have gone through tremendous struggles and at some point in their lives, they were at the same stage at which we are today. Many of them are from engineering colleges so they can definitely connect with our students, and their stories are bound to resonate with ours. I sincerely hope that this motivates all members of the audience so they find the courage and proper direction to pursue any of these fields as their profession.

When asked about the sponsorship and participants he said:

We are not going for any sponsorships because the official procedure to go for sponsorship is cumbersome and we are restricted by the time constraint. We are trying to arrange for the participation of people from other colleges but getting permissions for accommodation and other associated arrangements are getting tough for us. However, we are trying our best to ensure that things are done so that students outside NITR can also attend the event.

Amalgamating several creative disciplines together, the members of the organizing committee are hopeful that this confluence will be a huge boost to the club culture of our institute and students will be greatly benefitted by this. Considering the fact that such a confluence is being hosted in our institute for the very first time, the success of this would pave the pathway to host many such confluences in years to come. 

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