Setting Benchmarks, Bringing Glory

Setting Benchmarks, Bringing Glory

Debasis Choudhury | Apr 03, 2017

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The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is one of the new departments in our institute. In spite of this fact, three faculties have brought laurels to the institute by being funded for research by various institutes like ISRO, SERB, etc. This speaks volumes about the dedication and sincerity of the professors, which has set a benchmark for every new establishment to follow. Team MM caught up with the three professors, speaking about their projects and what kept them motivated, here is what they had to say.


Prof. Jagabandhu Panda

Prof. Jagabandhu Panda, who has attained his Post-Doctorate degree from NTU Singapore, has three projects to his name. Two of them are being funded by ISRO, one being from ISRO headquarter under the regulation of Space Research Centre and the other being Space Application Centre (SAC). The first project focusses on the ‘Dust storms in the Planet Mars’, its inception, its atmospheric characteristics and its effect on climate through numerical models, which makes Prof. Panda unique as no other investigators alongside him who are involved in the project are doing those as mentioned earlier. In the second project funded by SAC Prof.Panda has focussed on ‘Tropical Cyclones and its long term impact’. The project focusses on the intensity of the cyclones and is trying to create a database for the tropical cyclones in the North Indian Ocean and make a numerical model of the same. The effect of climate on the tropical cyclones is also being researched upon, and various data are being compared. DST, SERB, is funding the other project. The project focusses on the impact of urbanisation on weather and climate, which is the one whose initiatives are being taken by the Government of India under the smart city scheme. The total funding amounts to INR 74 lakhs.

Speaking to Prof. Panda about his experience, he was quoted as saying:

I am happy that I could establish a laboratory for carrying out research works as well as imparting the necessary training to MSc students. Though execution of three projects and guiding PhD students along with the existing teaching loads is quite tough at this stage, I employ a philosophy ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ to motivate myself and try my best to do a fair job in each and every aspect as possible in my part.


Prof. Naresh Krishna Vissa

Prof. Naresh who specialises in the field of mesoscale metrology and air-sea interactions has worked on Ocean-Cyclone interactions in IIT Kharagpur during his PhD. Afterwards, he joined in The Natural Environment Research Council located in the United Kingdom and undertook the Changing water cycle project as a senior research associate at Lancaster University, England. There he was working in synoptic meteorology and hydrology projects related to Western Ghats (India) in collaboration with Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India (GOI) and ATREE (NGO) organisation. Prof. Naresh currently is pursuing two projects. First one being, ‘Bay of Bengal mesoscale eddies role on rainfall, convection and winds: A multi-sensor study’ along with Prof. Prasad Kumar Bhaskaran as the co-principal investigator which is sponsored by Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India. Alongside this, Professor Naresh is working on ‘Probing the changes in the frequency and intensity of short-duration extreme rainfall events over the east coast of India’ which is being sponsored by ECR, SERB, DST under GOI.

Ministry of Earth Sciences has allocated INR 22, 48,200 for the first project and ECR, SERB; DST under GOI has allocated INR 23, 90,200 for the latter. Speaking to Professor Naresh on what motivated him to take up this area for research, he was quoted as saying:

Unusual Chennai 2015 floods and drought conditions in southern India motivated me immensely. I will carry on working relentlessy for these projects.


Prof. Krishna Kishore Osuri

Prof. Osuri who has won the Dr D. W. Desai Gold Medal and Sri N. Malanchathen Philip Memorial Prize from Andhra University for the year 2004 for being the University topper in M.Sc Meteorology and is also a professional member of the Indian Metrological Society. Prof. Osuri had been to the Purdue University situated in the USA in the summer of 2016 wherein he published two papers on ‘Nature scientific reports’ and an article on tropical cyclones in the Royal Metallurgical Society. During the conversation with his colleagues at the University, he got to work on two projects. One being funded by DST, Government of India on the topic of ‘Advancing prediction skill of rapid intensity changes of Tropical Cyclones over North Indian Ocean’ and the another one being ‘Improvements in heavy rainfall predictions in eastern parts of India using high-resolution Meso scaling system’ from the Ministry of Earth Sciences, GOI. The two projects have been funded with around INR 1.05 crore with INR 45 lakhs for the former and INR 60 lakhs for the latter.

Speaking to Prof. Osuri about his future expeditions, he was quoted as saying:

This year again in the summer, I am going to Purdue University to meet with my colloborators and extend my previous year’s paper on Monsoon rainfall and depressions. We are also looking at land surface water characteristics on river basins.

Team MM congratulates the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences for doing commendable research work and wishes them all the best for their future endeavours.

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