A Suave Deal of Acts : Catalog and E- Commerce

A Suave Deal of Acts : Catalog and E- Commerce

Dhruthi | Apr 03, 2017

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The Catalog and E-commerce club popularly known as CEC was established in the year 2011 by Siddharth Shankar Rout and Nirlipta Sovan MishraSourodeep Dey, the President of CEC expressed his opined, “It is never easy to establish a club. You need to form a group of like-minded people first which was one of the primary issues. Once it was solved, approval from appropriate personnel and finding the right person to serve as the faculty advisor were the issues which were very smartly dealt with by the founders.”

Sanctioned by the Technical Society, the annual budget of CEC is INR 15,000. The major event that CEC had conducted in this academic year was Genio de Aventura which received huge participation from aspirants of management and societal skills. One of the notable achievements of CEC was their 3rd prize in Business Plan Presentation competition at ISM Dhanbad Technical fest, 2012 achieved by a group of four members of CEC.

Since 2011, CEC has been working towards promoting the importance of entrepreneurship and management in this technical institute through relevant events, ideas, etc. They say their seniors have laid the foundation upon which they are working for the betterment of the club.

Regarding this, the President CEC says, “Personally, I am happy to be a part of this club where we all work together for a single cause. We believe in leadership, not dictatorship. There is no server-client model, rather there is a peer-to-peer model operating, where we all try to help each other. There is no boss, there are leaders, who along with other members try to work as much as they do and contribute to the maximum. I am still relatively new to the scenario, but I am happy with the progress the club has made over the years and am sure it will continue its good work. Despite all our efforts, we are often overlooked and that is something which upsets us. When you see other people getting credit for doing almost next to nothing and all your efforts go to waste, without a single word of appreciation, it feels bad. We often loose enthusiasm due to the same.”

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