A Cognitive Journey : Inquizzitive Club Review

A Cognitive Journey : Inquizzitive Club Review

Dhruthi | Apr 03, 2017

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The Quizzing fraternity is indeed a unique arena, where despite existing prejudices intelligence is not the only deciding criterion. One such club that strives to make a place for itself in the national circuit is Inquizzitive.

Inquizzitive was established in the year 2009 by a bunch of students who were passionate about quizzing and wanted everyone to recognize it’s importance. It was formally registered as a part of the Literary and Cultural Society, and the club faced many hurdles during its establishment. There was a shortage of funds, the club members were not properly aware of the various quizzing competitions of national level and there was a general lack of exposure in the national quizzing circuit. Although there was no special allotment of a budget for events during fests, their annual budget is amounted to INR 35,000 out of which INR 33,000 was used for the conduction of Qurios and the remaining INR 2,000 for Jnanagni.

This academic year witnessed huge activeness from this club in various events across the country. The duo-Nishant Nihar and Wasim Sajjad reached the nationals of the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz by winning against the top teams in the Eastern Zone. They also secured podium position in the national finals of the Simply Finance Quiz. Recently, NITR won podium positions in all the quizzes held at IIT Kharagpur during Springfest 2017 by the representation of Inquizzitive members. The duo-Nishant Nihar and Prathamesh Dash also reached the national finals of the Quiz on the Beach, held by TA Pal Management Institute, overcoming humongous competition on their way. Nishant Nihar also won the Rajgiri Quiz this academic year. Teams from NIT also secured podium positions in the DDMIT quiz held at Bhubaneswar. A cumulative cash prize of over INR 7 lakhs has been won by members of the club in this academic year 2016-2017. They have also organized Jnanagni, a business quiz in association with NITRAA this year.

Inquizzitive has been organizing Qurios, the national level open quiz of NIT Rourkela, since the last two years which has been witnessing participation of over 200 members every year. Several teams from across the country participate in this event and win huge cash prizes of about INR 80,000.

In this context, the President of Inquizzitive, Avishek Sahoo quoted “ I am pretty happy about how Inquizzitive has handled things this year. While our members have won laurels for the institute across India, we have also successfully hosted Qurios for the 2nd consecutive time. A little more cooperation from the institute in terms of granting leaves and remunerations for trips is what we require.”

The members of the club look determined to change the scenario of quizzing in NIT, by changing peoples’ perception of it.

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