Health, Public Policy, and Human Development: A Way Forward to Address SDGs

Health, Public Policy, and Human Development: A Way Forward to Address SDGs

Dibya | Apr 10, 2017

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The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences organized a two-day national conference on Health, Public Policy, and Human Development on 30th and 31st March at TIIR Auditorium. This national level conference was attended by dignitaries, academicians, research scholars, students and health practitioners from across the country and saw a whopping number of around 80 participants. The conference was inaugurated by the honorable Chief Guest, Professor Pulin B. Nayak, Retd. Professor, Delhi School of Economics and honourable guest of honour, Professor Binayak Rath, Ex-Vice Chancellor of Utkal University and Retd Professor of IIT Kanpur.

A panel discussion was held during the conference on the role of public policy in human development. The key speakers were Professor Birendra K. Bhoi, Ex-Principal adviser, RBI Mumbai, Professor Binayak Rath, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Utkal University, and Professor U.S. Mishra, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum. Professor B. K Bhoi signified the importance and mechanisms of fiscal and monetary policy on the overall process of public policy. Professor Binayak Rath stressed on the fact that it is very necessary to know that 97% of water is salty on earth and only 3% water is pure and pure water is getting polluted day by day leaving just on 1% of pure water to be used by the common man.  Professor U. S. Mishra made the participants aware of the fact that the public policy to be implemented on people needs their active participation.

Professor Pulin B. Nayak chaired the session and summarised the whole discussion by saying.

The human development is an evolutionary and continuous process and not a static one.

A Round Table Discussion on Human Development in Odisha and SDGs was organized in collaboration with UNICEF, Odisha. Various renowned academicians presented papers on issues and challenges related to the theme. Various technical sessions were also held on different topics such as tribal health and human development, mental health, maternal health care services, access to health care by all, climate change, environmental health and sustainable energy, gender equality and social inclusion, health care financing, data challenges in health research and SDGs in Odisha during the conference.

Encouraging the department to organize many more similar seminars in future in national and even in international stature, the patron of the conference Professor Animesh Biswas, Director, NIT Rourkela said,

The conference is one of its kinds and will surely address many issues concerning health, public policy and human development.  

The convenor, Professor Jalandhar Pradhan also opined,

I am sure everyone in this conference got a suitable platform to exchange their views, which will be definitely aid them in future in multiplying their existing knowledge in their respective fields”.

Professor Bikash Ranjan Mishara, co-convenor said,

The best part of this conference was that many important aspects related to health, public policy and human development in Odisha as well India were discussed at one forum.

The conference concluded in the evening of 31st March where the convenor of the conference Professor Jalandhar Pradhan thanked the collaborators and sponsors of the conference, ICMR, ICSSR, MoTA and UNICEF. He also proposed to organize an international conference on the similar theme to put forth the issues in the international forum. He also felicitated two student organizers, Ms. Rinshu and Ms. Madhulika, for their active participation to make the conference a successful event. Professor Narayan Sethi, Co-convenor of the conference, thanking the entire organizing committee, participants and the student volunteers for being a part of the conference and making it a great success, concluded saying that,

The conference reached its aim of discussing the topic that concerns the development of human beings as a whole.

A cultural evening was also arranged to showcase the rich culture of the state during the conference.

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