Setting the NITR Banner High: Prithvi Diaries

Setting the NITR Banner High: Prithvi Diaries

Debasis Choudhury | Apr 10, 2017

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PRITHVI is an initiative of Society of Exploration Geophysicists(SEG), IIT Kharagpur student chapter, in association with American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), IIT Kharagpur Student Chapter and Society Of Petroleum Geophysicists. Prithvi 2k17 was conducted from 17th to 19th March with the main theme as "Contemporary Geoscience & Future Implications". Students from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric sciences attended the geotechnical fest and returned gloriously. 


Aishwarya Nanda, Salini Mandal, Subhashree Subhrasmita Sahoo, Manoranjan Mohanta, Nihar Ranjan Mohanta and Mayank Kumar Gupta were the six participants involved. Most of the events were group events which involved a team of 3-4 students.

Events Participated

Here’s a breakdown of the events in which the above-mentioned students participated:

List of the events in which NIT Rourkela participated.






4 members(Aishwarya Nanda, Salini Mandal, Subhashree subhrasmita Sahoo and Manoranjan Mohanta)

Test for paleontology and mineralogy.

Prelims – MCQ questions.

Final round- Mineral and fossil identification in hand specimen.

2nd prize with INR 2,000 as prize money

Tera Wars

3 members((Aishwarya Nanda, Salini Mandal and Manoranjan Mohanta)

Test for structural geology by using google earth app.

The team got selected in prelims but couldn’t make it through.

Consolation prize(4th rank)

Geo Quiz

Mayank Gupta

Online quiz competition.

3rd rank with INR 200 as prize money.


All the members

Finding maximum no. of words related to geology and those were used to write an article with each line having maximum number of words in it.



Poster Presentation

Aishwarya Nanda

Presentation on ‘Earthquake caused by anthropogenic factors.’


The members also participated in workshops like:

1) AMD (Atomic Minerals Doctorate) for exploration and research.

2) Another held by Cairn India limited, one of the largest oil and gas exploration companies in India.

Accommodation and Experience

The accommodation was provided to the students in the IIT KGP hostels while the food expenses were taken care of by the students themselves.

Speaking to Aishwarya Nanda, one of the students who visited IIT KGP about her experience she was quoted as saying.

The trip was exciting, we got to interact with students from different universities and it was a healthy educational exposure. Prof. Bhaskar Kundu helped me a lot to prepare the poster presentation. Thanks to him that I was confident to present it properly at the national level platform. Our HoD and other faculty members encouraged us a lot for the representation of our new department at Prithvi and this couldn’t have been possible without them.

The morale of the team was lifted when Mr.Udit Guru who is the Advisor Petrophysicist at Schlumberger, praised NIT Rourkela for their good work and asked them to keep it up.The members are also looking forward to other such geotechnical fests which are going to be conducted in the coming times.


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