Driving Through Difficulties: ESVC 2017

Driving Through Difficulties: ESVC 2017

Anubhav Singh | Apr 10, 2017

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Team Zon, a venture by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), NIT Rourkela Chapter designed and fabricated a solar power vehicle and participated in the Electric-Solar Vehicle Championship 2K17 (ESVC), Asia’s biggest Electric-Solar vehicle championship organised by the Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE) at Shri Vishnu College of Engineering for Women, Bimavaram, Andhra Pradesh from 28th March 2017 to 2nd April 2017.

EVSC is an eco- friendly event which promotes the idea of harnessing renewable Solar Energy to propel vehicles and invites a group of college students to manufacture their own Solar vehicle and participate in the championship.

The six-day schedule of the event was as follows:

Date of Event


28th March

Registration, Business Plan and Cost Report Submission

29th March

Media Day, Technical Inspection-I, Business Plan Presentation

30th March

Technical Inspection-II, Brake Test

31st March

Cross Pad Test

1st April

Endurance-B Test, Solar Performance Test

2nd April

Endurance-A Test, Final Race(One and Half Hour)

A total of 83 teams participated in the event. The teams could participate in two categories namely Category-I and Category-II, for the solar performance test. The criteria for participation in Category-I was that the car should run only on solar power for 40 minutes. Team Zon of NIT Rourkela Participated in the Category-II. The car made by Team Zon was 60 Kilograms lighter than the one used in the events of 2016. The previous year they could not get a green pass for participating in dynamic events due to failure in brake test. However, they passed the brake test this time and were able to compete in the dynamic events as well. Unfortunately, they could not complete the entire race due to malfunctioning of a switch.

The 10-11 months of hard work, the painstaking journey from papers to race tracks and sleepless nights spent in workshops, certainly paid back in the form of awards and laurels. The team won Special Appreciation Award and Go Green Award. The Team was presented ‘We Love Memories’ Award which they had won last year for the maximum shares on the team Photo.

There is no gain without pain. The Team had to overcome several obstacles in the process of manufacturing their cars. Speaking of the problems faced the team captain Aditya Kansal said:

We faced several problems during the entire course of manufacturing the car. We were told that we cannot make cars in workshop as the resources were insufficient but we arrange our own resources, which includes even the welding electrodes. We had to approach the Director several times for leaves, which was repeatedly denied to us for the reasons that our academics would get affected. We were even told that leave could be granted to us if all the members of the team had a CGPA above 9. Apart from this, getting advances and reimbursements from SAC was a time consuming affair which had adverse effects on our work.

An approximate amount of 2 lakhs was spent in the entire process of manufacturing the car for which Team Zon used INR 1lakh from the ASME annual budget, NTPC provided a sponsorship amount of INR 30,000 while the rest of the expenses were met through member’s contribution.

When asked about their overall experience the Team captain said:

It was an enriching experience altogether. We got to learn so much. Apart from the single seater cars, there was also a section for multi seater cars. The cars in this category were very market ready and at par with present day cars in terms of comfort and running cost. We are looking forward to participating in the next year’s events and perform even better.

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