An Exquisite Display of Art: VIVID by Third Eye

An Exquisite Display of Art: VIVID by Third Eye

Nikhil Vobbilisetty | Apr 10, 2017

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The fourth installment of VIVID was held from the 31st of March to 2nd April, 2017 in Rajendra Mishra Exhibition Hall. It is the annual photographic exhibition and photography workshop organized by Third Eye, the photography club of NIT Rourkela. Third Eye is famed for being a club with an ensemble of the most talented minds on campus, and putting up an excellent display of talent at everything they organize, be it a workshop or an exhibition.

The club was founded on November 1, 2012, by Rahul Nair, Arjun Kesava, and Abhimanyu Kadiyan. Ever since they’ve strived to learn and share their knowledge of the art of photography. They’re a mainstream club with more than 30 members now, who can be spotted everywhere on campus, religiously working day in and day out covering fests, organizing photo walks for its members and capturing moments too precious to lose.


VIVID was inaugurated by Prof. Animesh Biswas, Director, NIT Rourkela. It roughly saw around 1500-2000 people attend it. The exhibition displayed pictures clicked by members of Third Eye in the past one year, and a few from other students of NIT Rourkela too. Shrijan Dongol, a core member said:

The photographs are mostly artistic and not documentary shots; as to create a platform for people to learn out of the photographs.

The dates of VIVID clashed with ROOTS, and hence VIVID witnessed several of the guest speakers for ROOTS attend it. Attendees were asked to leave their feedback in a book kept at the help desk. Rufus Renolds, a renowned photographer who was at NITR to deliver a guest lecture, said:

“Young talents with amazing knowledge and zeal for doing what they believe in. Amazing perspective. Great gallery”.

Amartya Bhattacharyya, an award-winning filmmaker said:

“Beautiful Exhibition of some really artistic photos. Keep it up!”

Here’s what Third Eye has to say in response to all the feedback and wishes they’ve received:

To all the people who attended and well wished for our performance at VIVID 2017 exhibition, and for all the messages we got for people congratulating us for the a better performance this year, and some sad comments on how they could not attend but still wanting to have an update.

Thank You!

Thank You, for this awesome feedback and lots of appreciation, this feedback will surely give us more confidence and new ideas on giving next year a better performance.

Promising to be back soon with VIVID 2018!

True to its name, Third Eye indeed gives photography a whole new perspective. There’s nothing one can do now but wait for the 5th edition of VIVID. Here’s to hoping they host many more successful exhibitions like this!

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