Building new heights: CEST club review

Building new heights: CEST club review

Shailee Rath | May 15, 2017

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Founded in 2012, the Civil Engineering Students' Technical Club (CEST) club of NIT Rourkela aims to provide a platform for the students to think, reflect and wonder about the phenomena involved in civil engineering. Most students generally lose their interest in engineering and focus on grades during their studies. This Club desires to reinforce the knowledge and excitement they attained in their classes through interesting activities which include workshops, seminars, technical events, projects, tutorials etc. The students expose themselves to different areas of civil engineering and also engage in teamwork learning and helping others. The club also propagates its ideas to the students and organises many events in the institute, which includes both live and online events. CEST Club appeals to all those enthusiastic students and engineers to take part in the activities related to civil engineering and help the society in the development of engineering and technology.

The prominent activities of the club in the academic year 2016-17 were:

  1. AutoCAD Workshop: In the beginning of the odd semester (in August), it organised AutoCAD workshop for the freshers for 2 days in which around 86 students took part.


  1. Members of CEST club introduced a new satellite club (ICE UK, NITR chapter). The advantages of joining this club are:
        -Exclusive member access to various journals, papers etc. and ICE’s library.
        -National and International exposure
        -Members can publish papers in conventions held by ICE
        -A chance to get your projects sponsored.
        -ICE supports civil engineers and technicians throughout their careers
        -Other facilities such as ICE Recruit, Thomas Telford Recruitment, NEC etc. 
        -ICE Training
    Both ICE and CEST are working together as the above-mentioned facilities can’t be accessible only through CEST.


  1. Civil 3D Workshop: The club organised civil 3Dworkshop in September as well as in December where many M. Tech students of civil engineering department participated.


  1. Events during Innovision:
  • Crescent connection- Participants had to make a truss bridge using ice cream sticks and that bridge was analysed by applying a varying amount of loads. Around 23 teams participated, each consisting of 3 members. 
  • Hydraulic crane- The participants had to make a crane which functions solely due to hydraulic forces. They had to use syringes.
  • Blown away- The participants were asked to construct a building using toothpicks and clays which must withstand the wind action. The event saw a massive participation of 28 teams participated, each consisting of 3 members.


  1. The launch of the official website(

    It contains blogs about different civil engineering milestones & social issues related to civil engineering. Previous year magazines, alumni interviews, and details about the events conducted by the club can be found on this website. There is also a gallery section in the website that contains the photos of different events, exhibitions, and workshops.


  1. Achievements
    A team of four comprising of Aswin Behera, Om Prakash Behera, Rajesh Swain, and P Rohan Kumar of the CEST club participated in the event named Sparks at Techfest, IIT Bombay which was a building design event, under the Ideate segment. Their task was to design an energy efficient and cost effective building. They worked out a model using Solidworks to present a 3D model incorporating innovative ideas. Their presentation and graphic design impressed the jury the most, giving them the runners-up position in the competition. 
  1. NCCC
    Recently,  the club members were working on to make a concrete canoe to participate in National Concrete Canoe Competition(NCCC)  organised annually by IIT Madras. However, it was discontinued this year. However, the members are keeping their hopes alive and will participate in (and even organise, if necessary)  the event next year.  


  1. workshop
    This workshop was organised in March for 2 days and was attended by 40 students. 


  1. Magazine
    CEST club has launched a magazine of its own, ‘AASRAY’ during their farewell party this year.

While the present ventures have had a very successful output the club has new plans in the pipeline including lectures on Basic mechanics and Structural analysis followed by quiz sessions. Hopefully the plans would be executed properly and the club would maintain a positive slope in the growth curve in the years to come.

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