Excelling Entrepreneurship : E-Cell

Excelling Entrepreneurship : E-Cell

Sankeerthi Sanaboyina | May 15, 2017

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NIT Rourkela has seen many successful entrepreneurs since it has been founded and it has witnessed a rich start-up culture emerging through the years. E-cell is one such club which aspires to actively contribute to these numbers by helping forge future leaders in the field of business and entrepreneurship. 

Its primary aim is to encourage innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurship. It conducts events like a business plan, product development, case studies where the students have an opportunity to present their start-up ideas and showcase their problem-solving skills. They also get proper guidance from renowned professionals from the business and start-up world. Regular mentorship sessions and workshops are conducted in order to stay updated about the modern technology and their use in the fields such as digital marketing and data sciences. Weekly interactive sessions are conducted in order to spread knowledge about new concepts and even group discussions are encouraged, which is open to all.

E- Cell has one major event conducted every semester, along with few other events that the students actively participated in.

Major Events: 


This was the main event in the previous semester (odd semester) during Innovision. It consisted of two events - Data Analytics and Market-o-Mania. Data Analytics was a workshop conducted by IBM in order throw light on examination of data and to help draw conclusions based on the information provided using specialized software. The other event organized was Market-O-Mania which aimed at bringing out the fun in asset management.

National Entrepreneurship Summit:

This event was scheduled to happen during March every year but it has been rescheduled to October this year, keeping in mind the most favorable time, schedules of other colleges, and other contributing factors. Moreover, since the fiscal year comes to an end in March, they find it difficult to sanction the bills and settle all the necessary financial funds for organizing the event. 

Other Events: 

Workshops and Mentoring sessions:

September 2016: A mentoring and interactive session by Mr. Pradeep Debata, Ex- Vice President of JP Morgan Chase, India.

February 2017: Interactive session with Mr. Ankit Mehra, Co-Founder of Gyandhan which is a data science start-up that will help students with their higher studies.

March 2017: During this period a spot mentoring session was organized by Commence Mint, (a Bangalore-based accelerator) for the NITR start-ups.

The turnout for these events was around 120-130 for each major event and 60-70 for each seminar or mentoring session.

Throwing light on the inductions and orientation, which happened in august, it started with Penny India Founders talking about the club and then came the written round, followed by group discussions and finally, the ones selected were called for a personal interview.

The core team of E-cell expressed their dissatisfaction about the budget and advance issues that they are facing. They are allotted INR 35,000 every year which they use for organizing their main event, NES. But due to delays in the allotment of the required budget this academic year they haven't been able to conduct some seminars that they had planned to.

Nevertheless, they still remain the only club that helps students visualize the business and start-up culture outside and be independent enough to start on their own, with help from the professionals.

During the course of this year, the various positions of responsibility held were as follows: 

President: Rohit Kumar Singh

Chief Coordinators: Amrita Tripathy and Nimish Patnaik

Content and Media: Abhipsa Nayak and Andrew Jose Ignatius Milton

Technical Coordinators: Pratyush Pradhan and Surya Prakash Sahu

Public Relations: Ananya Arunima

Management Coordinator: Dipika Nicergaw

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