A Splendid Mass of Endurance: ASME

A Splendid Mass of Endurance: ASME

Yasmin Kukul | May 15, 2017

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Continuing its legacy of "promoting the art, science, and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe", the NIT-R chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), completed yet another year of successful ventures.

With a club budget of only 1.5 lakhs that was allotted by the SAC instead of the demanded 10 lakhs, the teams for HPVC (Human Powered Vehicle Challenge) and ESVC (Electric Solar Vehicle Championship) successfully participated and completed events at the Asia Pacific and Asia level respectively.

A seminar-cum-workshop as part of the coveted ASME Gas Turbine India Conferences was organized during the month of October by the club, which focussed on applications, design, and advancements of gas turbines. Software classes related to Solidworks, organized during the month of January-February gave the participants a good insight into its functioning and methodologies.

The club, even in spite of difficulties, managed to win a number of laurels and secure some worthy victories in prestigious nation-wide events too. The NIT-R Chapter of ASME was awarded the title of the "Outstanding Student Section" in the category of below 3 years, along with a wholesome grant of 500$. Aliva Dash, a member of the team participated in an oral presentation at the E-Fest 2017 held at LMNIIT, Jaipur and became the runners up. She was awarded a cash prize of 200$ and a paid trip to the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE), US.

Team Zon, successful competed in ESVC, 2017 and was awarded the "Green Mobility Award" for completing the event.

They also received a special appreciation award and a 'We Love Memories 2016' award. The final rankings of ESVC '17 have not come out, but the team expects a rank under the top 15 out of the 83 teams that participated in the final round.

As comes with any major sector, however, the club faced an important setback too during the year. The initial plans of the club had included organizing a workshop on additive manufacturing by the alumni of the institute, in collaboration with the existing teams for HPVC and ESVC, during Innovision. For this, the budget of around 1 lakh (for the travel expenses, accommodation, and raw material) had been planned. However, the budget of Team Innovision would not permit the heads other than accommodation and few of the raw materials.

Charging the participants an extra of 700 INR for the workshop would not have been feasible when they were already registering for the entire event by paying in cash. The idea had to be scrapped since the meagre club account budget (only 1.5 lakhs out of a demand of around 10 lakhs) was already being used by the teams for the HPVC and ESVC.

Even after the scraping of the workshop, the club came up with last minute ideas for Innovision and conducted two events: the Japanese Joinery and the Cup Tower, which saw the participation of masses in large numbers. They also organized a car show for the previous solar vehicle.

However, in view of a reimbursement of around 60000 INR still stuck in the complex processes of SAC, for which even the File Tracking System has not been generated, the members of the club feel that unless a proper budget is provided, none of their new ideas for college-level events can be materialized.

With a positive undertone, though, Aditya Gupta, the President of ASME says,

We plan on focusing more on Team Bluestreak and Team Zon in the upcoming year. We know what our competition is and we will do everything to be the best team with the limited resources that we have.


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