Countdown for Launch : Mayur Joshi

Countdown for Launch : Mayur Joshi

Rohit Biswas | May 15, 2017

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Coming from an extremely humble and middle-class background, Mayur Joshi is one of the few students who aimed for the stars and worked tirelessly to turn their dreams into reality. After graduating from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College Of Engineering, Pune (COEP) he joined the M. Tech. (Research) Program in the Department of Ceramic Engineering, NITR after a gap of two years to continue his academic career. 

He likes to quote that his ‘job during the two-year gap in Reliance Petrochemicals’ is what propelled him to divulge into a completely different field of academics from his previous areas of interest. His job as an audit engineer is what inspired him to explore other aspects of science and technology and do equally well in all of them.

True to his words, he has added several feathers to his cap during his career, but surely the most notable one would be the ISRO-NASA collaboration project that he has recently bagged. He will be starting his work at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre, Houston, USA from 1st July 2017. 


The journey started when he arrived at NIT Rourkela and was extremely enthusiastic to join one of the on-going student satellite projects, Team KALAM. Owing to an advanced set of skills in computation and simulation software like CATIA, Solid Works etc. he entered the team as a Design Engineer. Even though his extra-curricular interest was not very relevant to his current M. Tech. Research thesis, he efficiently managed the clock to give his optimum to both. 

He soon he realized that in spite of having enough financial resources, the KALAM project was limping towards its completion and the scheduled launch date of September 2017 because of administrative issues like lack of co-ordination between professors of different departments and lack of enthusiasm among the students to pursue this as a full-time project. Due to such reasons, the launch date of satellite got postponed to December 2018 and that is when he took up the leadership of this project actively in his hand and worked diligently hoping to at least meet the postponed deadline.

The turning point for him was when he appeared for the test for recruitment of scientists and engineers at ISRO. A written test followed by a few interviews to test the mettle of the candidates in which he excelled got him into one of the most prestigious collaborations in the world, the ISRO-NASA (NISAR) project. 

This project aims at building satellites which would monitor the Chota-Nagpur Plateau region spreading over 5 states in India. The primary objective of the project is to keep a track of the mineral levels in the region from space and hence aiming at a controlled mining rate. This not only helps in achieving a sustainable development but also channelizes the available resources towards greener options.

After few initial screenings, the engineers selected across the country were segregated into two teams, one of which would work with ISRO in India while the other one would work with NASA in the USA. While he got selected for the latter, he plans to opt out of this project if he is selected for the Indian Civil Services whose results are due for the end of the next month. Mayur Joshi is not only an example of places one`s dreams and passion can take them if they pursue it wholeheartedly but is also an inspiration to all those students who plan to choose an alternate career option which might not be in line with their current academics, yet managing to excel in both.

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