Say Success, Say Sindhu

Say Success, Say Sindhu

Satyajit Mahapatra | May 23, 2017

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Sindhu Gowda, a prodigious student of the outgoing batch of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering participated in a conference organised by the Institute of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE). The conference spanning over a duration of four days was held at San Francisco, CA from the 19th of March to the 22nd of March. The event titled WCNC (Wireless Communications and Network Conference) was a flagship event of IEEE and focused exclusively on wireless research, technology and applications. The colloquium witnessed the participation of thought leaders from industry, academia, government agencies and other institutions to exchange information and ideas on advancing the state of the art in wireless communications and networking.

Having joined IEEE during the course of her fifth year, Sindhu submitted her first paper to IEEE in the month of October. The paper, which is processed by a series of blind assessments by a selected panel of IEEE members, was approved in the month of December. The papers are presented in a template adhering to the one provided by IEEE. Once submitted the papers are graded on various parameters like the presentation, novelty of the theory presented, impact factor etc. Following the gradation, the papers are reviewed again and a limited percentage of the submitted papers are accepted. Once accepted, the researchers are provided a period of one month to prepare their camera-ready copy, which comprises of all the source files, used to procure the paper. After the final acceptance of the paper, the author is invited to present the paper in the conference. 

Sindhu submitted a paper on ‘Impact of Hardware Impairments on TWRN and OWRN AF Relaying Systems with Imperfect Channel Estimates’. The paper focussed on cooperative communication in general and multi-hub communication in particular especially relays. The relay acts an intermediate between the source and the destination. The paper highlights on the impact of HWI (Hardware Impairments) of relays on channel estimation error and their combined impact on the performance of amplify and forward variable gain (AF-VG) as well as on two-way relay network (OWRN). She performed a performance analysis of the relay systems with impairments and the conclusions obtained were very intriguing.

The event being one of the largest event of IEEE, also featured talks by prominent personalities in the field of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The conference also hosted luncheons, which was termed as the ‘Mentorship Lunch’.

It was basically a round table discussion of 6-7 people which was headed by a distinguished person from the academia or industry. The event also had a large contingent of students from the Stanford University. Interaction and discussion with them was one of the most cherished experiences of this tour. The mentors kept switching tables, which enabled us to interact with many people. Moreover, the student community gathered at the table were more experienced and the discussion was of a completely different level.

The event also hosted plenary talks by some of the leading members of various scientific organisations, wherein they discussed new technologies that were being used by their organisations and problems faced in the implementation of the technologies. A new concept called ‘Start-up City’ was introduced in the seminar, which allowed various Start-ups from San Francisco to exhibit their work.

Browsing from counters to counters was an exhilarating experience. My learning has been mostly theoretical until now, but the exhibit demonstrated many practical illustrations of the same. It opened me up to a world of possibilities. 

Sindhu recollects.

Having received no monetary help from the institute was a disappointment. Considering the fact that PhD. scholars get substantial percentage of their tour expenses refunded, the unresponsive attitude of the institute in providing financial help to M.Tech. and Dual Degree students has been a let down. However, NITRAA came to the rescue of Sindhu as it sponsored her tour to the United States while also ensuring her well-being in the States.

The support that I received from NITRAA was overwhelming. Although I barely knew anyone, their aid to my cause was heartening. An alumnus hosted me during the conference, as their residence was closer to the venue of the conference. I was given a tour of the offices of Google and Apple and was taken about a tour of Stanford as well. The president of the NITRAA oversees chapter called to check up on me. I was absolutely touched by the heart-warming response of the alumni and have no words to thank them for it.

Receiving a help of that magnitude from the alumni exceeded expectations for the young talent. NITRAA helped raise sufficient funds for her travel and stay which was one of the reasons she believed she was successful in completing the tour.

Upon asked for a message for the readers, she says,

Dream big. Have the courage to do so. As long as you do not dream, you will not develop the passion to pursue it. Failure of any kind is temporary but your will to succeed should be permanent. Don’t settle for less, while explaining yourself that you deserve less.

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