Gyan Prakash Sahoo | May 24, 2017

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After the success of his previous book ‘Basic Statistics’ ( which was based on the fundamentals of statistics and statistical quality control, Prof SK Patel from the Department of Mechanical Engineering is yet again set to beguile everyone with his new book on decision making process, again in collaboration with Dr. PK Mohanty, Director, Flood Control and Drainage in Department of Water Resources, Government of Odisha and also an alumnus from department of Civil Engineering of 1982 batch of REC Rourkela.

The book titled ‘Operations Research’ contains the algorithms that help in decision making in industries and day-to-day activities. It has contents like linear programming, game theory, queuing theory, CPM/PERT, inventory models, simulation and all sorts of standard principles and protocols helpful in decision making. It presents the application of various techniques through a large spectrum of examples and illustrations. Simplicity in explaining the complex phenomena and lucidity in style are the two prime objectives of the authors in compilation of this book. The target audience for the book includes students from nearly all branches of the engineering stream, Commerce, Management, CA and ICWA.

Prof SK Patel has been teaching the subject ‘Decision Modeling’ to the undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering for quite a few years and his teaching experience motivated him to write a book on this field. His co-author Dr PK Mohanty supplied him with ample amount of real life examples to enhance the quality of the book and take it to a new level. Every chapter contains a good number of solved numerical examples, exercise problems with answers, short and long questions. In addition, it also contains objective type questions along with answers which are usually asked in most of the competitive examinations.

When asked about any difficulties faced while writing the book, the only problem faced by the authors was to convince a reputed publisher to print the book. As myriads of books on decision making are already available in the market, a publisher usually refuses to publish another book of same content in order to prevent any further competition. However, this book stood different from the others and finally ‘Scientific Publishers’ agreed to publish the book.

With real life examples being implemented in the book along with a simple and lucid language, this book would surely teach one with the fundamentals of the subject and prove handy for real life applications. The following links can be used for availing online purchase of the book.,13,56,7,35,10,14

His first book entitled “Advanced Guide to MATLAB” is available at

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