An Exuberant Evening: MUSICAL NIGHT 2K17

An Exuberant Evening: MUSICAL NIGHT 2K17

Musical Night, previously famous as Celebrity Night among NITR junta, finally took place after a lot of speculations and rejections by the director. On the evening of 1st April, the entire DTS was full of energy, ready to groove to the songs by Aditi Singh Sharma, the diva from the realm of playback singing and enjoy the evening to a zenith level. Team MM brings to you a detailed report of the preparation for the Musical Night and the timeline for the entire evening.

Behind the Scenes

The annual celebrity night every year boasts a huge budget. When the director came to know about it, he was horrified with the expenditure on a single person and immediately cancelled celebrity night. After repeated requests from the representatives, he approved the musical night to be conducted within a budget of INR 10 Lakhs. So the secretaries of Film and Music Society (FMS) sent 13 queries without stating the price to 6 agencies of 5 artists and they received the quotations ranging from INR 16.5 lakhs to INR 17.5 lakhs. Hence the team could not approach further due to the budget crunch and also the time was not sufficient enough to send enquiry for another artist. When approached, the president too rejected the idea of surpassing the approved budget and albeit, the show was cancelled.

Prof Japes Bera, President SAC then discussed with the Director regarding the budget issue and he then replied that further 2 lakhs can be managed for the event. The Director then called a meeting of all SAC representatives, Film and Musical Society VPs, President, and SAS Officers along with Finance and Purchase officers on 29th March (Wednesday) to discuss about the feasibility of the event within such a short notice. After much deliberations and enquiries, the L1 was called and the availability of one of the five artists, Anushka Manchanda on 1st April was confirmed. Then works on Purchase Order (PO) started immediately and unfortunately the next morning Anushka cancelled the event due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Then the team contacted Siddharth Mahadevan and the process of PO again began, but again Siddharth cancelled the event in the evening due to his unawareness of the location of Rourkela and the hectic travel schedule.  This did not deter the spirit of the team and it finally managed to confirm Aditi Singh Sharma on Thursday Night and the preparations for the gala evening hence began.


Budget and Preparations

The budget of the entire event was set at INR 16, 90,000 which was spent as a whole package without having any distinctions under different heads. The stage preparation began from the night of Thursday at DTS. Within such a short notice, it was a challenging job for the event manager to set up the stage. For the first time, LED screen was decided to be used instead of the backdrop, as it was much more creative. Along with her band, Aditi arrived in the morning of 31st March and her accommodation was arranged in Regency Inn.

Organizing the event within such a short notice was a herculean task for the representatives. With a new challenge of multi tendering, which was never done before, the event managed not to sink with the support of director and SAC officials, who passed the bills within a short time.


The show

The concert was delayed by over an hour from the scheduled time and began roughly at 8:30 PM. A memento was given to the celebrity, Aditi Singh Sharma by the director, Prof Animesh Biswas. Singing to Dhoom Machale, the evening was opened by Aditi, who caught everybody’s attention with her energy. The night was celebrated with peppy songs from the Bollywood industry which included Bang Bang, Channa Mereya, Kabira, Offo, High Heels, Babydoll and other hit songs. The NITR junta seemed in no mood to cease their grooves and the stadium was screaming with enthusiasm. Aditi and her team put up a brilliant show with musical line up and no major technical glitches were observed. With popular tracks reverberating the Arena, the musical night ended after one and a half hours at 10:00 PM swaying the NITR junta to the tunes of the popular song, Gangam Style.



With a path paved now for the musical night, next year should be an easier way to traverse from the lessons learned. A gap of about a month should be provided to coordinate the event smoothly. Director is of the opinion to merge NU and musical night in the upcoming year bringing them under a common tent.

After all the reluctance, deliberations and hectic work within such a short notice, FMS finally did a commendable job in putting up a successful musical night with a high turnout and beaming smiles.

Image Courtsey : Third Eye Photography, NIT Rourkela

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