Gyan Prakash Sahoo | Jun 19, 2017

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We aren’t in an information age; we are in an entertainment age

                                                                                                                                -Tony Robbins

Everyone wants to achieve something in life, to reach the goals, to fulfill the dreams and be the happiest. The way to the ultimate goal is filled with innumerable crests and troughs. Life is all about handling the surprises and a major way of doing it is filling elements of happiness to our lives. Precisely, a very integral part of our lives that helps us keep our calm and be sane is Entertainment. Fortunately, few people of NITR think along these lines and hence clubbed together to form Umang, which aims to bring the NITR Junta an easy way of getting out of their stressful life and relaxing themselves. Founded in the previous semester, Umang is registered under Literary and Cultural Society. Team MM brings you the annual review of this neoteric club.



The aim of Umang is simply to make people happy by providing pure entertainment to the crowd, where they can simply sit back and seek elements of laughter, fun, delight and enjoyment. The club believes itself to be a team which would solely work for making the people happy and remove their stress with the packets of entertainment. Being the sole of its kind which promotes comedy, Umang consists of people who have been gifted with the talent of being the source of laughter.


Activities to be undertaken

The club will be doing various activities which majorly include the following:

  • Stand-up comedy
  • Street interviews
  • Comedy Stage shows
  • Plays
  • Short movies
  • Interactive videos
  • Comic Strips and magazines

Apart from these, throughout the academic sessions workshops and events in various fests would also be held.


Events conducted till date

Umang has conducted the following events till date:-

  1. Mini militia championship

It is an app based computer game which can be played in groups or individually. It was the first event conducted and the turnout was high with around 100 enthusiastic contestants. The crowd was filled with who were enjoying themselves throughout the event.

  1. Events in Innovision 2k16

Umang conducted 8 fun events in Innovision. The fun events like Punch the paper, Cuppachino, Line the pin etc. were conducted throughout the two days of the fest. These events saw around 150 participants for each event.

  1. Events in Nitrutsav 2k16

Three events were conducted during NU, Filmy Fever, Mini Militia Championship and Dumb Charades. Each event had a turnout of 50 to 100 participants.


Plans in the pipeline

For conducting the major events like comedy shows and other activities, more members are required in the club. The main motive of the current team is to create an interest in the minds of NITR junta regarding the club and show them the levels it can reach. Hence, there were no inductions for this academic session, and it would start from the next semester. Further plans include conducting the various fun events in the next semester. The budget for the current year was INR 10,000 and plans are also there to enhance the activities in order to obtain more funds from SAC.

On getting in touch with Subhadarshini Mullick, President, she replied

This club needs time to grow and meet its objectives. It has fresh ideas and something new to feed the expectations of NITR Junta. We are putting our best efforts to make this happen. Once we execute our plans, people can see Umang as a potential club that can be a leading one among the pool of clubs in NITR.

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