Redefining Robotics: Cyborg

Redefining Robotics: Cyborg

Saswat Choudhury | Jun 19, 2017

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Cyborg, the official club of robotics has been one of the most prominent clubs in the institute. Carrying on it’s legacy this year too the club has managed to bag laurels for the institute in various national level competitions throughout the year. Team MM gives you a brief summary of the journey of the club till date.

A regular part of the club activities included introducing the freshers to the world of robotics. It included various lessons being organised for the students in the first semester like basic electronics, coding and making a manual bot and line follower. The classes were are open to all  where the kit was also provided to the teams for making a manual bot. This year, around 120 students turned up, as the club started a course on Bluetooth controlled bot. Through this, the students gained a head start knowledge of the various processes involved and based on that they were inducted into the club in their second semester.

Innovision success

Cyborg organised a total of seven events during Innovision. The flagship events included Death Race and Tread-o-Quest with a participation of 35 and 20 teams respectively. Other events comprised of Quadview where one could watch the various events, Need For Speed, a gaming event, a digital counter which kept a track of the number of people entering SAC gate, self-balancing bot and a POV (Persistence of Vision), a single array of LEDs to form letters out of it was exhibited.

Epreuve: This was something Cyborg did for the first time and was highly successful. It was an online event organised in the pre-Innovision week. They received sponsorship to the tune of INR 60000 from various companies like AB labs, Ratna Technologies. About 3000 students participated across more than 20 institutes.  The top three winners were





INR 15000

ITER Bhubaneswar


INR 10000



INR 5000

NIT Rourkela


Achievements in various institutes





Semi autonomous event by ROBOTIX-BRICKS, IIT KGP


INR 10,000

Ateet Roy, Prabin Rath, Ankit Behera, Smruti Sourav Subudhi

Georobotics, MINARE, NITR


INR 3000

Ateet Roy, Prabin Rath, Ankit Behera, Smruti Sourav Subudhi

Conquest, Kshitij, IIT KGP


Best Algorithm

Sonali Agrawal, Diptarghya Santra, Rohit Suri

Embetronix Maze Solver, Kshitij, IIT KGP


INR 5000

Vishishtha Upul, Harshita Tiwari, Subhrajyoti Nath, Biswajeet Sahu

Bricks, Kshitij, IIT KGP



Diptarghya Santra, Rohit Suri and Sonali Agrawal


Projects at hand

Currently, different members of the club are pursuing four projects:

  • Quadcopter:  Shashank Sekhar Panda, project leader, proposed the idea when he participated in a similar competition at IIT Bombay. This is not something new but they are replicating a similar model and the expected deadline is minimum one year.
  • Room automation: The Cyborg room is automated and the details of the people who enter and exit the room gets auttomatically updated into a special server .
  • Autonomous/ Intelligent Ground vehicle: This was proposed on the lines of Ducky town, an event of MIT where traffic is simulated by using graphics. Rohit Suri is leading the project and the expected deadline is next year.According to the President, Sourav Mohapatra

IGV is a miniature form of self-driven car. We can model the project in the self-driven car technology. This project is completely funded by SAC.


  • Central Database: A feature is being added to the website where all members can share regular updates by logging in and members can also put their achievements in there.


Like any other club, the major problem is shortage of funds from SAC. Cyborg being a robotics club mostly needs hardware components which fetch a lot of price and in such a case, lack of sufficient funds is a major issue. The other problem encountered is that in the process of diversifying their robotics knowledge, it often becomes difficult to manage the students in sponsorship or event management team.

 Plans in Pipeline

There are plans to bring certified courses by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) in the upcoming years. The President, Sourav Mohapatra says

 For that, we need to set up an IEEE chapter in the institute and also design a course material and we are working on that. We want to crete a robotic society not only confined to our institute but who participate and conduct events in other institutes as well, similar to that of IIT KGP.

Despite all shortcomings, Cyborg has definitely set records and made our institute shine nationally.Team MM wishes good luck to the club and all its achievers in their future endeavours.

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