A Layman's Layout of NITR

A Layman's Layout of NITR

Team MM | Jun 19, 2017

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After having alighted the respective Expresses, the freshmen might be brooding over what they are headed for, a life of drudgery probably? Still doubting their decision or lamenting? Encompassing an immense diversity both in terms of ethnicity and intellectual interests, NITR represents the epitome of excellence. While the freshmen might be an utter enigma which way to head on and how to adjust in a new arena, Team MM has made a handy guide to make their survival in this magical world easy.

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela has made its way into the prestigious lists, ranked 19th by the Times World Asian University and 12th by the NIRF among the Indian Engineering Universities. Team Monday Morning, having spent a decade here, assures that if you still regret being born a muggle or not receiving your Hogwarts letter, NITR is indeed, the Hogwarts of Engineering. Here, take a look:


Popularly known as the Steel City, Rourkela serves as the industrial capital of Odisha and houses one of the National Institutes of Technology (NIT, Rourkela). Hogwarts can keep its forests and lakes; because Rourkela has its very own lush, green forests and the bubbly Koel River. It experiences a tropical climate with summers as high 49 degrees and winters as low as 5 degrees.

While Sector -2 market, Ispat market and Ambagan act as the Hogsmeade, catering to the tiniest of needs of the NITR junta, Udit Nagar main market serves to be the DiagonAlley of Rourkela. A 16-km long Ring Road connects the various sectors of the city.


The following section details how to reach NITR and how to make your initial days smoother.

Reaching Rourkela:

Rourkela, located in the northern part of Odisha, surrounded by a range of hills and swift rivers, is well connected to rest of the country by rail and road. The nearest airport cities are Ranchi, Raipur and Bhubaneshwar, listed in increasing rail distance from Rourkela. Interstate and intercity bus services to several nearby cities are also available. In addition, a City bus plies from station to Sector-2, the nearest bus stop from the institute.

The auto drivers charge a fixed fare of Rs.120 to the NIT campus. Booking an Ola cab or car rental services is another option for commuting in the city.

Temporary accommodation:

The soon to be wizards of engineering will surely be accompanied by their parents & guardians to NITR. Rourkela has an array of hotels which can cater to their accommodation needs. Here are some hotels & lodges which may be viable options to provide restful lodgings in the links given below:



Alert: The necessary supplies!

For personal care products, Rangoli is located conveniently in the hostel area in proximity of the first year hostels. Necessary amenities like mattresses, pillows, buckets etc. are available in the hostels for the incoming boarders. A trunk with a lock would be suggested for the safety during year-end vacations.

The marketplace closest to NITR is in Sector 2(1.8km) which is smaller than Ispat market (Ambagan) farther away at Sector 19 (5.5 km).Located in the heart of the city is a larger and elaborate market area including a Big Bazaar for all your needs.


Traversing across a vast 1200 acre campus, NIT Rourkela has one of the largest campuses in the country. Amidst the lap of greenery and serene haven, NITR has an array of natural beauty with a well-planned infrastructure. It is physically demanding to stroll in such a huge campus, a bicycle is a necessity, and can be purchased at the time of admission from retailers camping in front of Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium.


Although the mess is pretty benevolent to provide non-veg food six days per week on some days it might test your patience. For a change from the mess food, there’s an array of food joints available; ranging from Jo’z Kitchen and Hexagon in the Scholar Avenue to Mokshaa and Dosa Plaza in Technology Avenue to Rengcol and Srinivasa Lunch Room (SLR) in Academic area, the diners accept card payments and stay open till late at night to satiate your taste buds. Can’t get you those magical confectionary Honeydukes but hangout places like Nescafe, Departmental stores near the campus gate and Amul Parlour enamours you by rendering a wide range of food items and beverages to choose from. Apart from that, there are fruit stalls in front of Ceramic gate for the fruit lovers.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Well, NITR takes care of that too. Extra-Academic courses are further divided into NSS, NCC and PE classes with regular jogging in designated two days of the week. To avail cash in times of need, we have our very own Gringotts, the SBI bank and four ATMs which are located within the campus premises. The two SBI ATMs are conveniently situated near the first year boys’ hostels while an AXIS ATM and an SBI ATM is located in the Academic area and Residential area respectively. Furthermore, there are three temples in the campus for the ardent devotees.


NITR flaunts a total of 10 halls of residence; 7 for boys (GDB,MV,MSS,DBA,VS,SD,HB) , 2 for girls (KMS,CVR) and 1(SSB) for the married students. The office of the chief warden is the ‘sorting hat’. GDB and MV are exclusively allotted only to the freshmen boys as an effective means to curb ragging whereas girls are assigned rooms in either KMS or CVR. Each hall of residence is maintained by an HEC (Hall Executive Council) which comprises of the Warden, Assistant Wardens and student elected secretaries. The HMC(Hall Management Council, headed by the Chief Warden) is the umbrella organisation as it oversees the working of all the HECs.

V.S. Hall- One of the largest halls on campus

Keeping in mind the nutritional necessities of the boarders, all the halls are complete with a mess whose menu is updated at least twice a semester and students play an active role in deciding it. Day canteens and night canteens with fixed rate charts are present so that the students can satiate their untimely cravings. LAN port/s in each room provides high-speed internet connectivity. Apart from that, a table and a chair are provided for each boarder. All the blocks and corridors are well equipped with aqua guards providing clean and cold water, regularly sanitised bathrooms with exhaust fans and geysers, an adequate number of garbage bins. With all the halls being facilitated with a Common Room, TV room, Reading Room, Games Room, outdoor courts for sports, big cycle parking areas, washing facilities at nominal prices, departmental stores; what more could one ask for?  With so many Hall events buzzing all around the year such as hall day, foundation day, garden feast and inter as well as intra-hall tournaments, the boarders get a whale of the time.

With security staff stationed right at the gates of every hall, this ‘Hogwarts of Rourkela’ doesn’t compromise on the safety of its students. In addition, fire extinguishers and a list of emergency contacts are present in every hostel including contact numbers of on-call doctors and electricians.

For more information, click here:



NITR has a very well-structured and rigorous academic curriculum which extracts the best out of any student thereby helping him to attain his/her ultimate potential. Other than that, your support hotlines also include our very own owl posts—the ‘Zimbra webmail’ and our educational forum—Moodle where information is continuously exchanged and uploaded. It is readily accessible 24*7 using your hostel LAN. Attendance is an important factor with 85% as a minimum requirement.

Then there are our very own ‘newts’ and ‘owls’ of the muggle world, for all theory subjects and Viva for lab/sessional courses. At NITR, every semester, there are two main examinations: the Mid-Semester and the End-Semester exams, conducted within a gap of two months.

For those not familiar, NITRIS is a one-stop portal for your entire academic profile, from attendance to results, academic calendars, exam routines, grades and everything associated with it. The branch change rule will be reintroduced from the upcoming session keeping in mind that it provides an avenue and opportunity to a student to pursue the subject of his/her choice and interest.

The Student Mentorship Program is an exceptional initiative of Monday Morning where experienced mentors provide personal and professional support to the eager and curious newbies, thus enabling constructive and positive interaction and guidance.

The number of branches and specialisations in NITR is the highest amongst all NITs. There is always some cutting edge research going on in every department of the institute. NITR has state-of-the-art infrastructure and a very conducive environment required for research activities. The meticulously charted out curriculum gives you an edge over others in terms of knowledge and the technical acumen.


Apart from the excellent academic facilities, NIT-R also serves as a great base for extra-curricular activities, which serve as an escape from the academic monotone. The good sporting infrastructure includes the Cricket Stadium (Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex), football and hockey stadium (Dilip Tirkey Stadium), tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball courts and an indoor badminton court.

Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS ), equipped with dazzling floodlights and a pavilion is the place of worship of the sports enthusiasts and also serves as a place for pro shows and EDM nights. NITR also boasts of a well-equipped central gym and a floodlit Olympic sized swimming pool with 8 lanes. The college is an active participant in all inter-NIT sports events, subsequently providing ample exposure to the students. The students have won laurels year after year and in the recent Inter-NIT tournament, the cricket team of NITR emerged victorious defeating 27 other teams from several NITs of the nation.

Apart from this, we have intra-hall events, a series of competitive events held amongst the various residents. There isn’t an iota of chance for getting bored.

Wingardium Leviosa” – You certainly don’t need this to levitate in the much-hyped fests at NIT-R. The ostentatious preparations, the extravagant fun nights planned alongside the majestic events will get your wand waving all day without any pause.

NIT-R enjoys equal glamour in bringing different colleges of the nation down to Rourkela. This wizarding year will witness three fests – one technical, one cultural and another in sports. Complemented with brainstorming events, celebrity night, soulful bands and exploding DJs the fests usually end up with many grandiose and high spirits.


The Student Activity Centre, NITR’s very own Order of Phoenix, is a conglomeration of the most variedly talented individuals. SAC oversees the working of four societies; Technical Society, The Literary and Cultural Society, The Games and Sports Society and The Games and Sports Society. SAC oversees the working of various satellite clubs registered with different societies. The clubs under SAC can weave magic with pens or mesmerise you with their music or work day & night to roll out rumbling formula cars which seem like they could fly any second.

Debating, robotics, music, dance, art, cooking, martial arts, coding, drama, automobile engineering are some of the activities which take place in the respective clubs. The sedulous hard work of the members of this order inside the SAC precincts remains invisible to the NITR junta, just as Number Twelve, Grimmauld Palace remained to the muggles.


While the odds of us engineers going to work in the Ministry of Magic or the Auror Office aren’t very high, we do have some pretty amazing placements of our own on campus. With the dawn of a new placement era and several changes in its existing policies, NITR manages to become a part of the elite institutions of our country.

Placement Statistics

Besides mass recruiters such as TCS and WIPRO, the campus is visited by some of the most prestigious companies in the country such as Deloitte, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, ITC, Vedanta, Coal India Limited, and Goldman Sachs to name a few. The Training and Placement Centre along with a group of dedicated Placement Coordinators work hand in hand to help students through the various rounds of selection. To get more details about the placements from the Institute, you can refer to the following link:

While most students choose to go for their dream jobs, there are some people like Hermione that have a thirst for higher education. The academic outline is designed to give ample of time to pursue their subject of interest. Thus the students of NITR have managed to achieve excellent scores in GATE as high as AIR 9 in the past academic year.

The campus has also witnessed the birth of a great number of start-ups such as MySmartprice, Phoenix Robotix and Penny India. Penny India was the brainchild of two first-year students, who are continuing their studies in the institute besides owning their dreams of entrepreneurship. The TIIR (Technology Innovation and Industry Relations) provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs and acts as an incubation centre for developing business.         

Here’s the link to the placement brochure of NIT Rourkela for the year 2016-17:

Placement Brochure 2016-17| NIT-R


It’s not a myth. NITR does brew spells for its great sorcerers to obtain a strong hold in this vast world. To prove this assertion, many alumni allow themselves to be examples for the world to witness. Have a look.

  • Soma Mondal, an alumnus of 1984 has been appointed as the First Woman Commer Director of SAIL, in March 2017 as has been breaking gender stereotypes.
  • C.P Gurnani, an alumnus of Chemical Engineering is currently the CEO & Managing Director of Tech Mahindra.
  • Akash Khurana, a notable Indian Actor, screenwriter, theatre artist & entrepreneur, is an Alumni of Mechanical Engineering from the Institute.

NITRAA or NIT Rourkela Alumni Association, which helps in bringing the alumni around the world together through its websites’ database. The NITRAA executive council is headed by Venkata Narasimham Peri (India Chapter). Every year NITRAA conducts alumni inductions during the annual homecoming to welcome the outgoing batch to be a part of the association. Our institute also witnesses various events where students get to interact with their alumni in an effort to strengthen the student-alumni relations. The alumni have a great zeal to work for the institute and have created multiple opportunities for the students to prosper in every possible field.


At certain instances, if you fall ill, just a walk to the dispensary can be the solution for all your solicitous health problems. Getting yourself treated by our very own Madam Pomfrey’s and fetching medicines free of cost from the Apollo Pharmacy near the dispensary is an amenity sure to curb all your health-related woes. Serious health issues can be dealt at two significant hospitals, CWS and IGH upon referral from the institute doctors.

Unfortunately, if you lose any Prophecy Orb or misplace your Portkeys, feel free to contact the security officer of NITR. In case of any academic glitches, you can get the issue resolved at the Assistant Registrar’s office. Apart from this many issues get answered through the webmail sent to the students and faculties. To acquire the contact information of chief authorities you can click on the following link. (http://nitrkl.ac.in/Links/ContactUs.aspx)

NITR is your HOGWARTS where you enter as a naive magician with lots of doubts and expectations but is certain to provide you with unending opportunities to learn and achieve everything that you crave for, in short, “it is your internship to life, ahead”.

Be it any scholastic perplexity or personal anguish, your cordial seniors will always help you out of the difficulty. The absolutely ragging free campus will definitely makes your stay at this dreamland worth cherishing.

Help will always be given at NITR, to those who ask for it.

Being the official e-newsletter of the institute, Monday Morning shall always be present to lend a hand in case of adversities. You can reach us through the website, mobile app and can even call to get in touch with our Chief-coordinators, mentors or reporters. In case of queries, you can post them by visiting the following link and or through the official Facebook page of Monday Morning.




Extending our heartiest greetings, we welcome you to this magnificent family!

DISCLAIMER: The content, opinions or views expressed on the Monday Morning's website and its social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, are strictly the property of Monday Morning and represent the extensive research and work of the working team of respective academic year of Monday Morning and not those of the institute. The reports and statements published are consolidated from the collected background research and interviews. The institute's official statements can be found in the press releases published by the institute or via an RTI application.

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