A Major Breakthrough

A Major Breakthrough

Niharika Dalai | Jul 31, 2017

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With the beginning of a new academic year, the Department of Electrical Engineering is all set to take the onus of yet another batch of freshers with curbed potentials and innovative ideas. Set amidst greenery in a sturdy hazel building, the department has a well-established infrastructure and well-equipped laboratory facility to furnish students with provisions to contour their ideas and procure success.

The department is all set to begin a new phase of change with the establishment of a centralized research laboratory. Recently, the department has received a fund of 50 lakh rupees from the TEQIPfor the development of a Centralized Advance Instrumentation Lab. The setting up of a centralized laboratory aims at providing an opportunity to all the students of NITR to carry out their experiments and research work irrespective of the departments to which they belong. Briefing us on the developmental status of this facility, Prof. Jitendriya Kumar Satapathy said:

“The equipment has already arrived and the next step would be installing them. Our original project was 75 lakhs but unfortunately there is a fund crunch by the government as a result of which our fund got squeezed. I have requested our honorable director to grant us another 20 lakhs to develop on the infrastructural aspect of the laboratory.”

The department is currently working on a good number of projects which have been actively taken up by some faculty members. Though there are an acceptable number of faculties present, there is still a need for more members to strengthen the department. On being asked about the recruitment process, Prof. Satapathy says

“The recruitment is going to start again. We have quite a sizeable vacancy and we want to grow. There is a faculty structure reorientation by the Government of India and there has been a transition from 3-tier system to 4-tier system for faculties and may be because of this there has been some problem but this has all been sorted out. I hope that we will be getting new faculties to strength our department.”

The placement of final year students has also been quite consistent from the last few years. All in all, the department is now all set to serve another year with true spirit of optimism by overcoming all challenges and hurdles in the endeavor to achieve success.


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