Amped up for a New Vision: Department of Humanities

Amped up for a New Vision: Department of Humanities

Pausali Pradhan | Jul 31, 2017

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With the commencement of the new academic session, NIT Rourkela has added another feather to its cap. It is a matter of honor that the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences has been declared as the “Centre of Excellence for Tribal Studies” by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India. 

The formal inauguration of this “Centre of Excellence” was conducted at NIT Rourkela during the Tribal Conclave on 22 and 23 April, 2017 and the chief guest of the occasion was our esteemed Union Minister of Tribal Affairs, Shri Jual Oram. Putting forward her worthy words for the tribal community, the guest of honor as well as the chief speaker of the occasion, tribal activist Padmashree Tulasi Munda graced the august gathering. Around 130 guests attended the inauguration function.  

Professor Seemita Mohanty of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is now coordinating the “Centre of Excellence” program with four other faculty members as the co-coordinators. Many projects and research work about the tribal languages, culture, identity and arts are planned to be undertaken in the recent months.

Taking forward this goal, on 14 July 2017, the department organized an Orientation Workshop cum Felicitation function under the “Centre of Excellence”.  Workshops were conducted with discussions on various initiatives but the most appealing aspect was the felicitation ceremony. Five students and one social worker were felicitated on this occasion. The fact to be highly acknowledged is that four of the girls felicitated during the event belong to a very primitive tribal community (Paudi Bhuyan tribe) of Sundargarh district of Odisha. Despite belonging to Particularly Vulnerable Tribal groups, these girls put together tremendous efforts to continue higher studies at various colleges. Encouraging their unbeaten struggle against adversities, the “Centre of Excellence” awarded them during the orientation function. Now the department has leveled up to excel as the “Centre of Excellence for Tribal Studies” ensuring effective implementations of all the upcoming projects.

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