Shifting the Base: Planning & Architecture

Shifting the Base: Planning & Architecture

Barnali Priyadarshini | Jul 31, 2017

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With the manifestation of a fresh session, the department of Planning & Architecture gave a head start to its progress by shifting its department from its old debilitated building to the newly constructed TIIR (Technology Innovation and Industry Relations) building. This diversification only brought about a plethora of goodwill and the architectural students with their instruments in hand are all set for the academic year ahead.

As per the guidelines, the department has to fulfill certain criteria given by Council of Architecture (CoA) which includes the details about the required number of classrooms, studios and labs, which are deliberately found at the TIIR building. In comparison to the 37 computers present at the previous labs that was yet to be upgraded according to the needs of the students, the labs at TIIR provide efficient working conditions and equipment. Keeping in the view the strength of students in the branch, the computers have been redistributed among all the students of the department for subjects like Building Materials and Climatology.

Adding a feather to the cap, the department recently hired four new faculties, Mr. Dibya Jivan Pati being one of them who recently submitted his PhD in Affordable Housing and Waste Utilization from Kumamoto University, Japan. But P&A still has this issue of scarce faculties as it stands short of the ideal 1:10 teacher student ratio as per CoA regulations.

Moreover, after the vacations, the sophomores returned to find major reforms in the departmental curriculum, courses being more simplified to their delight. Citing conclusions from the meeting of Departmental Academic Program Oversight Committee (DAPOC), few subjects from the fifth semester were included in the third semester courses, because subjects like Building services needed to be covered before others like Designing. Introduction of some electives as core subjects was also recommended.

The P&A scholars witnessed a jubilant celebration of the 59th Annual ZONASA in October 2k16 hosted by Invertis University, Bareilly. The four day long convention themed on ANANTIKARSHA gave a furnishing opportunity for the participants from varied architectural institutes from eastern India to learn apart from showcasing their talents. The ingenious graduates brought in laurels for the department as Master Jay Bihani and Miss Namratha B S got special mention for their project in Ethos Group’s Grameen Micro Design carnival.

The structure and idea of establishing a Masters school for architecture students is still affirmative, the plan being due in 2-3 years. There are subsequent plans for bringing in as much faculties to meet the current paucity. Monday Morning wishes a good fortune for the department of P&A, contemplating a better tomorrow.  


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