Delving Deeper and Getting Better

Delving Deeper and Getting Better

Nishanth | Jul 31, 2017

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With the commencement of the new academic year, the Department of Mining Engineering is all set to welcome the new faces and hopes to develop itself and achieve its goals.

Performance in the year 2016-17

The year of 2016 was a glorious one for the Department of Mining Engineering.

Of the 1.65 crores approved by the Ministry of D epartment Science and Technology, 90 lakhs was used to procure the two state of the art equipments:

•    The Porosimeter: A device which measures the volume of nanoparticles

•    Servo Controlled Cyclic Rock Loading Machine: A device which simulates real life situations to study the behaviour of rocks.


Due to the equipment fund of 20-25 lakhs which was allocated to the department, the other small equipment was procured through the Research and Development (R&D) projects.

The R&D projects mainly focused on Time Domain Reflective Material.

A project submitted by Prof. S. Jayanthu for the Ministry of Mining- development of TDR based wireless system for Slope Stability Monitoring in the year academic year 2016-17 was highly appreciated, thus writing an outstanding record for the department.

Another project which is still in progress is the Estimation and Simulation of Gas Permeability as well as Stress-Strain Behaviour of Indian Coal Seam for CBM Production and CO2 Sequestration at in-situ conditions by Prof. M.K. Mishra (former HOD), Dr. S. Mishra and Dr. H.K. Mishra. This project is being done for SERB under DST, Delhi and is expected to be completed by  November 2018.

Coal India, Odisha Mining Corporation, Utkal Alumina, Manganese Ore Limited were some of the industries which offered the R&D projects.

Apart from R&D projects, the consultancy projects also played a key role in the department. There were about 10-15 consultancy projects submitted this year (some of them worth 50 lakhs) compared to the previous year. The fields included:

•    Water Quality Management

•    Ground Water Management

•    Slope Stability

One of them, Surface Miner project for open cast mines which was submitted by Prof. H.B. Sahu received much appreciation.

These projects were submitted for industrial giants like Coal India, Singareni Collieries Company and Essel Mining and Industries Limited (headed by the Aditya Birla group).

The department was also successful in submitting a couple of Plastic Projects, (Ground Control Studies being one of them) for industries like SCL and South Eastern Coal Fields Limited (SECL).

Improvement in the PhD and M.Tech (Research) section

The performance in the PhD section also improved quite well this year with 5 students submitting their research papers this year compared to 0 last year and 1 students from Ph.D and 2 students from M.Tech (Research) were awarded this year.


One of the major achievements of the department was the setting up of the Biju Patnaik GeoTech Laboratory (name approved by the Chief Minister of Orissa, Mr. Naveen Patnaik) for the first time in NITR which was approved by the Odisha Mining Corporation Limited.

The department also got the permission from CMPDI to carry out physical mechanical characterization for exploration activities mostly restricted to Orissa.

Apart from this, consultancy services (worth more than 1 crore) were awarded to the department.

Visited Dignitaries

•    Dr Piyush Pal Roy: Director of Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute.

•    Dr Dilip Mohanty: General Manager (GM) of OMC.

•    Mr. S. Choudhury: General Manager (GM) of MCL.

•    Mr. A.K. Jha: CMD of MCL

•    Mr. S. Das: Head of Mining Business Unit. (March 2017)

•    Mr. Manoj Pati: General Manager (GM) Mines, IMFA. (March 2017)

The department also offered a 3-day short term course in association with Department of Mining & Mineral Resource Engineering, Southern Illinois, Carbondale, USA. Out of the 36 participants in the event, 34 were from the Mining Industries, 1 was from academics and 1 from Liberia. The event was visited by renowned Professor Dr Y. P. Chugh who delivered lectures during the event.

The former HOD, Prof. M. K. Mishra who was the coordinator of the event was quoted saying,

Students had a lot of choices to choose their courses and activities. Help was offered to the students who had asked for it.

Minare 2016 and 2017

The annual Geo-Mining fest of NITR was hugely successful in 2016 and 2017 with record student participation from outside. One of the reasons for the success was the tremendous help from the Alumni network. The Alumni Network also played a role in providing a job for one of the students. The Minare 2016 saw the presence of renowned Professor. Basant Prusty (IIT KGP).The Minare 2017 was even more successful and received much appreciation. It was supported by Indian Metals and Ferro Alloy Limited (IMFA) and there was a plan to hire new graduates. The guests of the event were:

•    Prof. B. S. Sastri (IIT KGP)

•    Prof Debasish Deb (IIT KGP)

•    Engineer Santosh Pal (GM Coal India Ltd.)


The department also accomplished itself by bagging many internships throughout the country this summer. A couple of paid internships were offered by the TATA group and EICHER (2 paid internships) and 1 job). Unpaid internships from CSIR and research internships from CIMFR were also offered.Other internships were offered by Industrial giants like MCL, IMFA, OMC, HCL, SECL, NALCO, SCCL, and SAIL.

Plans for the upcoming year

With the new academic year having already started, the department hopes to procure two State of the Art instruments this year namely the CHNS analyser and the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) from the second grant in 2015 after almost 12 years since the last grant back in 2003

With a couple of changes made in the academic curriculum this year, the department had decided to introduce more core courses compared to the previous year. There have also been talks of submitting new projects, inviting more industrialists and visiting professors compared to the previous year.

The department also hopes to hire new professors in specialized areas like My Environment, Geo Mechanics, Computer Application in Mines and Underground Mine Technology.

Team MM congratulates the department for its achievements and wishes it good luck for its future ventures that would bring laurels to NITR.




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