Fostering Advancements: Department Of Mathematics

Fostering Advancements: Department Of Mathematics

Yash Shah | Jul 31, 2017

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One of the busiest departments of the institute, the Department of Mathematics is presently claiming to take the highest number of classes as compared to other departments and at the same time is facing a dearth of faculty members. Consequently, it is becoming difficult to manage the department and teachers are compelled to take the extra load. Also, as the sanctioned intake of research students has increased in present years, the department is confronting a situation of space crunch inside it. The PhD students are made to adjust in the cabins along with the faculty members. There is an urgent need for one lab and a dedicated sitting room for the PhD students. The department has been provided with air conditioned classrooms, overhead projectors, a new lab, an air-cooled meeting room, new water purifiers and refrigerators as well. The department runs three academic programs namely Five years integrated MSc, two years MSc and a PhD program. Every year, around sixty-five students are admitted to the departments of its three academic programs.

In the current academic year, the department has undertaken three research projects with an allotted fund of around fifty lakhs. The projects are funded by Department of Science and Technology and Department of Atomic Energy. Among them, two are supervised by Prof KC Pati and one is by Prof J.Mohapatra. Some ongoing projects are being carried under Prof S.Chakraverty and Prof S.Saha Roy. Even, many students from different departments are performing their projects in association with Mathematics Department.

Majorly, only computers are required in the labs of the department. Prof S.Chakraverty is presently using Radon Monitoring Equipment for the project under his authority.

After completing their courses in the department, a major chunk of students is seeking employment in software giants, coaching institutes and few others are opting for higher studies in IITs, IISERs and foreign universities. Many PhD students of the department are working on projects in collaboration with other universities.

This academic year, the department plans to host a series of guest talks and also revise and improvise some of its academic activities.


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