Marching Towards Progress

Marching Towards Progress

Manisha Rath | Jul 31, 2017

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Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering stands tenaciously in the gigantic NIT Rourkela campus. The department being just 10 years old is not only one of the sophisticated, marvellous and admirable departments of the campus but also one of the post-haste flourishing departments. The department is headed by Dr Mukesh Kumar Gupta, a charismatic person has begun its expedition to achieve the consummate.

One fine morning, Team MM caught up with the HOD of the Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering to know more about the department.

Recent Laboratories of the department

Mukesh Kumar Gupta(MKG): The gene manipulation lab, bio micro fluids lab, smart material lab and protein engineering lab have recently been opened up in the department. The algal culture lab, soft lithography lab, dark room facility and sterilisation lab are under development.

Recent equipment procured by the department

MKG: The department has procured Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope and Confocal Laser Microscope, funded by the institute under the TEQIP programme. In addition, with the funds from various projects, the department has procured 6 Gradient Thermo Cyclers, 2 Western Blotting, Orbital Shaker Incubator, Semi Dry Western Blot, CO2 Incubator and several other types of equipment.

Recent seminars and workshops

MKG: On 1st of August, the department has invited the CEO and CTO from Technology Business Incubator Bhubaneswar which is a part of BIRAC, Government of India to promote entrepreneurship among the students under the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) scheme. This scheme provides a funding of fifty hundred thousand to an individual or company to encourage the fresh start-ups. The department in collaboration with Mechanical Department is also hosting the National Conference on waste to energy, carbon capture and storage (NCWECCS 2017). In near future, the department is organising three more seminars.


MKG: There are no limits to requirements, yet we have always received satisfactory cooperation from the institute. We are persistently trying to blossom the facilities and infrastructure of the Department. In addition, we are also planning to start our own incubation centres.


MKG: Firstly, Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering demands enormous funding because of the highly precise and specialised equipment. Institute as a whole is presently facing a fund crunch and hence the department is also under the same umbrella .  However, at the end of the day, we need to prioritize our needs and act according to the circumstances. Secondly, there is a need to improve the relation of various industries with the institute that will lead to better placement of students. Very few core companies come to the campus for hiring students from the Department of Bio-Medical Engineering. As the HOD, I would like the students to be inclined towards entrepreneurship.


MKG: In the academic session of 2015-16 companies like Mu Sigma, EXL Services, TCS, Cerner Health Corporation and many others have hired students of our department. Nearly, 90% of the students have been placed with core and software companies. I along with my co-faculties am working hard to help the students being placed in core companies.


MKG: Our department has an official tie up with 18 foreign universities. We are a part of Heritage Network. We have also submitted for a tie up with three Spanish companies under Ministry of Renewable Resources along with the Chemical Engineering Department.

We are giving our persistent efforts towards the increment in the standards of facilities of the department and placement of the students. In the coming years, we hope this department would give equivalent and vigorous competition to the rest of the departments in all aspects.

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