A Cogent Chemistry Of Advancements

A Cogent Chemistry Of Advancements

Samikshya | Aug 07, 2017

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Manipulating with chemicals and fixating on ingenious new-fangled projects, the Department of Chemistry has been enduring indomitably in the age of engineering and medicinal education with a strong foundation that aims at high soaring standards of teaching and learning. Intermingled within the main building, this department has been redefining its standards with time.

Raising its paradigms to be at par with certain IITs and foreign universities, the department has digitalized its chemical storage systems. The number of recommended experiments to be performed per semester is around 20 and not many laboratory assistant are present to provide help in form of manual labour. Upon feeding the name of the required chemical into the computer, the quantity of that chemical present and its exact depository location can be comprehended which shall be very convenient for the laboratory assistant. Such a procedure shall discourage the scarcity of desired chemicals at the hour of need.
Although no new equipment and apparatuses have been added to the laboratories, the pH analysis equipment and electrodes have been upgraded for accurate pH determination. The enhancement of a laboratory which was yet to be upgraded since past two years was accomplished this year.    

Considering the engagement of the department during summers, it had many interns from around the country who worked under the guidance of NITR’s chemistry faculty. Quoting the proud HOD of the department, Prof. Saurav Chatterjee:

Usually IIT faculty get interns from Indian Academy of Sciences(IAS) but this year Prof. Rabindra Kumar Behera, an assistant professor from our department had an intern from IAS working under him.

This department embodies the highest number of research scholars (computed 17) as compared to any other branch in NITR. Almost every week certain seminars are held. As for the question of sponsored projects, this department attracts much invaluable sponsorship and draws in a huge amount of capital for the commencement of projects; about INR 0.8 million (8 lakhs) per year. Acclaimed organisations like DST(Department of  Science and Technology) and DAE(Department of  Atomic Energy) collaborate with NITR’s department of chemistry for conducting research projects.

Apart from all these, the branch has been trying to inspire and encourage school students by permitting the devisal of a plan which shall let school students visit the department and its laboratories. Some of the faculty have also volunteered to perform interesting experiments which shall inculcate within the students a fascination for science and brief them with ideas about what research actually means. They could get to see many of the sophisticated apparatuses present in the laboratories and the way they could be used for experiments. The department looks forward to implement this noble plan by the third week of the month of August 2017 with the students of St. Arnold’s School, Rourkela.
Quoting the HOD:

We aim at researches which can simultaneously take care of social upliftment.

According to the HOD, last year 3 students qualified for pursuing PhD courses abroad and 11 students qualified for the same in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, located all over the country.

Upon being asked about the placement status of the department, the HOD commented:

I would say, placements aren’t very good! Ours is a science department and we prefer to enhance the teaching standards.

As a whole, slowly and gradually this department is evolving to challenge its contemporaries across the country and in braced to usher its students for accomplishing their goals and realising their dreams.                         

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