Social Surfing : Workshop on Online Safety

Social Surfing : Workshop on Online Safety

Pausali Pradhan | Aug 07, 2017

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While society is rising to the dawn of digitization, the adversities are also kept in sight. Catering to this matter, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences organized a workshop on “online safety” on 4 August 2017 in collaboration with the “Centre for Social Research”, New Delhi.

Chiefly coordinated by Professor S.P Ray, the workshop was set to roll at 4:00p.m at the New Senate Hall. Head of the Department of Humanities, Professor Nihar Ranjan Mishra introduced the Chief Speaker of the session, Mr. Amitabh Kumar with his welcoming address. Mr. Amitabh Kumar is currently the Head of Media and Communication Wing of the Centre for Social Research. Currently, Centre for Social Research is organizing workshops under the programme, “Social Surfing” which works together with Facebook, Twitter, Indian agencies against Cybercrimes and the Ministry of Education of India.

Pivoted on the theme of online safety, Mr. Amitabh Kumar also focused on counter speech, cyber etiquette and social media for social change. His unique way of approaching to the main topic captured the attention of all 52 participants of the workshop including the faculty members, students and research scholars. At the starting of the workshop, a simple questionnaire was distributed to the participants to answer few questions about the internet and social media. Mr. Amitabh spoke about digital India and presented some real statistics of the various internet goals. Moving ahead with the session, he focused on some extremely helpful features of Facebook which are often over-looked by the users. Essential methods to keep the social media accounts safe, including password   (P@ $VV0Rd) setting were also discussed. The most captivating part of the workshop was the way Mr. Amitabh put forth his views about a video being played during the event. He even spoke about #KeepItReal campaign being initiated under the programme, “Social Surfing.” After an insightful presentation, all the registered participants were issued certificates on behalf of “Centre for Social Research.”

After a fruitful session of one and half an hour, Professor S.P Ray winded up the ceremony rendering his vote-of-thanks to the chief speaker and to the audience. With the curtains going down for the workshop, the department of Humanities decided to escalate such programmes from departmental level to institutional level.

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