Growing In Leaps And Bounds: Chemical Engineering Department

Growing In Leaps And Bounds: Chemical Engineering Department

Deepak Kumar | Aug 07, 2017

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Chemical Engineering branch, having grown in leaps and bounds over the past year, is all set for another productive year ahead under the guidance of Prof. RK Singh, HOD, Department of Chemical Engineering. The department now is gearing up to host the All India Student Chemical Engineering Congress, at NIT Rourkela. The labs in the department have also been revamped this semester with many new equipments. Quoting Prof RK Singh,

This semester we have revamped two UG labs with equipment worth 20 lakhs, the rest of the labs would be covered next semester.


The HOD also talked about his satisfaction about the various research projects undertaken by the department. Two of his patents are to be examined this month.

Talking about SCHEMCON Prof RK Singh says,

We are arranging a Student Chemical Engineering Congress on 7-8 October. A lot of students would come from all across India, this would be held for the first time in NIT Rourkela. The entire department is involved in organising it with Prof H.M. Jena supervising and me being the chairman.

When inquired about what SCHEMCON is and what it does, Prof. RK Singh informed that it is an annual event wherein students from all across the country submit their research papers. For the smooth organisation and conduction of the event, expenditutes amounting to about 20,00,000 INR is expected. Apart from this, the managin body also aims to distribute cash prizes, details of which would be disclosed later.

The students of the department have flourished this past semester with two of them, Aratrika Ghosh and Jisha Bhathacharjee, bagging prestigious internships at IISc, Bangalore. The HOD was quite pleased with the placement record last year, and says,

Whoever is ELIGIBLE, is getting jobs. By eligible I mean, eligible to sit in the campus placements.


Chemical Engineering department is set to bid farewell to Prof. Aditya Kumar, Assistant professor. Prof Kumar has served for three years in the institute and will now be joining ISM Dhanbad.

The future of the department looks bright and with the efforts put in by the authorities one wSCHEMCONould only expect positive things coming out from this department. Team MM wishes them the best for 2017.  

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