The Reshuffled Platter: NITR Reacts!!

The Reshuffled Platter: NITR Reacts!!

Niharika | Aug 07, 2017

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With the onset of a new academic session, the Hall of Residences of NITR has witnessed a new change in its caterers. The reshuffling of caterers has brought in a myriad of mixed reviews from the NITR junta who expressed their opinions through a survey conducted by Team MM. Their response to the question “Are you satisfied with the food being served in the mess after the reshuffling of the caterers?” has been comprehended.

A satisfied 42% of people are quite satiated by ‘the quality and quantity of the food which has improved drastically.”

With the reshuffling of caterers in the hostels, the boarders feel that the mess food has improved a lot both in terms of quantity as well as quality. Prior to that the mess menu was not evenly distributed all across the days thus making it a harrowing experience for the boarders in some days. But with the new caterers, this issue has been tackled. With a proper well- balanced meal to look forward to the entire week and a generous staff, the boarders are quite fulfilled with the present scenario.

While a significant 36% of the people feel that “there’s no visible change in the quantity and quality of food.”

The change in the caterer was meant to tackle the deteriorating food quality of mess. Yet it did not have any considerable impact and there was no visible change in the quantity and quality of food. Thus, some of the boarders were rather unaffected with the reshuffling of caterers

A considerable amount of dejected 22% of masses believes that “the previous caterer was serving food of better quality and the change was unnecessary.”

There are some boarders, who on the other hand feel that with the reshuffling of the caterers, the quality of food has depreciated to a great extent. Thus, it has brought about a lot of discontent amongst the boarders. Instead of an improvement in the quality of food, the standards have rather deteriorated. The students feel that the service is slow and the switch was unnecessary.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that the reshuffling of caterers was well accepted and appreciated by the NITR junta. Yet we can’t overlook the loopholes which have created discontent amongst the boarders. Therefore, the authorities should look into the matter and cater to the grievances of the boarders.

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