Mountaineering New Heights

Mountaineering New Heights

Amlan Arman | Aug 07, 2017

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The Department of Life Sciences, since its inception in 2009, has produced a plethora of post graduates, PhDs and faculties that any other institute of the country would be envy of. This year, the department has seen a remarkable rise in the number of PhDs, post-graduates and research papers. At present, 20 sponsored projects are being carried out and 50 PhD students are currently working in the department.

Awards and Distinction by faculties

  1. Prof. S.K. Bhutia was awarded ‘Odisha Young Scientist Award’ by Odisha Bigyan Academy, Bhubaneshwar in the year 2016.
  2. Prof. R. Jayabalan was selected as a Member in AOAC Expert Review Panel for Stakeholder Panel on Strategic Food Analytical Methods(SPSFAM) Ethanol in Kombucha methods
  3. Prof. Suman Jha and Prof, Bibekanand Mallick have both published a patent each whereas Prof. Bismita Nayak has filed a patent.

Distinction by students

  1. Jyoti Ray, a PhD student of Prof. Bibekanand Mallick, received an offer from DKFZ (German Cancer Research Institute), one of the top-notch cancer research organization of the world, to join their institute as a visiting doctoral student for six months
  2. Eldin M.J., a PhD student of Prof. R. Jayabalan, is doing a collaborative research training at Myongji University, Republic of Korea
  3. Prakash P. Praharaj, a PhD student of Prof. S.K. Bhutia, is currently doing part of his research work at Wake Forest University, North Carolina, United States

Apart from these, six new labs have been set up this year namely:

  1. Laboratory of Membrane Mechanics
  2. Laboratory of Developmental Biology
  3. Laboratory of Plant Immunity
  4. Laboratory of Infection Immunology
  5. Cancer and Stem Cell Lab
  6. Laboratory of Mycobacterial Immunology

Coming Soon

The department is planning to develop dedicated large sized labs to conduct laboratory courses for Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate students. The HOD of the department, Prof. Bibekanand Mallick has stated that the Director has approved the proposal and has also allocated a budget of some lakhs in this regard.

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