Baby Steps Towards Perfection: Department Of Ceramic Engineering

Baby Steps Towards Perfection: Department Of Ceramic Engineering

Sandeepan Mohanty | Aug 07, 2017

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The department of Ceramic Engineering has always been striving hard to get better by undertaking new projects by collaborating with different industries, infrastructural developments and state-of-the-art laboratories. However, with the commencement of the new academic session, Team MM decided to catch up with the developmental plans and the progress of the branch with the newly appointed Head of the Department, Prof. Ritwik Sarkar.
The meet revealed few new plans to be implemented for the benefit of the students under the able leadership of the new HOD.


HOD: Basically, labs and workshops are very important for ceramic students. They need to have the practical knowledge to work in industries and experience in handling the machines to excel because the reading theory is never enough. We try to manage everything but due to the present financial crisis, the students have to settle with working in groups. We have few working machines and working in a group reduces the learning quality because some can afford to stay aloof of the group task and still get grades. There have been discussions with the Director about the same and we have jotted down the number of equipment required. An extra allocation of some amount of money in the budget will be requested for the improvement of labs and workshops.


HOD: As a routine activity of the institute, the academic curriculum has already been modified and revamped following suggestions by the expert committee. The upcoming batch will have reduced credits in few courses and the focus would be more on practicals than theory.


HOD: We recently had our department building renovated and some parts are still under renovation.No major development plans are in the pipeline.


HOD: The faculties get sponsored projects and the students undertake the same under the professors for which they receive extra grants to run the whole thing. The research quality is good. The faculties are good, are well equipped and knowledgeable. Every year ceramic department publishes around 15 papers and we successfully patented over 3-4 papers last year.

Team MM hopes the Department of Ceramic Engineering grows in leaps and bounds and wishes all the faculties and students of the department for a successful academic year ahead.



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