Leaving No Stone Unturned: Department Of Earth And Atmospheric Sciences

Leaving No Stone Unturned: Department Of Earth And Atmospheric Sciences

Nupur Mohapatra | Aug 08, 2017

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The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences has fared well through all the adversities and wishes to keep up the same plight right from the onset of the new academic session. Being a new department they are striving towards success by identifying and acknowledging their true potential.

This year the branch saw a decline in the number of admissions. The number of admissions in applied geology was 23 with contrast to 26 in the previous year and the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences also suffered the same fate with the number of students declining from 11 to 7 this year. The HOD of the department, Prof. Md. Equeenuddin thinks the reason for this decline could be the ceasing of spot admission by the institute for M.Sc courses .Last year the statistics were similar but due to the spot round some of the vacant seats got filled thus increasing the number of students. There have been no addition of new labs owing to the department being a new one and thus has to encounter financial as well as space shortage problems. The Dean of Planning and Development, Prof. Japes Bera has been requested to allot some more space for the laboratories. Although some new equipments have been purchased which include Disdrometer worth INR 7 lakhs for characterization of size distribution in the rain drops. Purchase order has been issued for two Rack servers with a 128 processor which cost around INR 21 lakhs individually. They are to be used for computational purposes as atmosphere relies on dynamic processes which require high level of computation.

Presently, there are eight faculty members and proposition has been made for  recruiting more faculty members since the department offers two M.Sc programs and the shortage of faculty leads to reduced emphasis on research as most of the time is spent in teaching the students .

Insufficient budget is one of the major problems that the department faces; a budget of INR 20 lakhs falls short when it comes to running a developing department and at the same time doing cutting edge research. The shortage of faculty members reduces the emphasis on research which is very much essential for the growth of the department. Some more space for accommodating the newly purchased equipment is also likely to serve as a hurdle.

The department is currently running 9 projects sponsored by ISRO, DST, and Ministry of Earth Sciences amounting to INR 2.5 crores, two of which are in their final stage. Nonetheless the department boasts of highly skilled students. Aishwarya Nanda, a student of the department got the fellowship offered by Indian Academy of Science for the bright students and did her summer internship at Indian institute of Tropical Meteorology. Two of the students of the second outgoing batch joined M.Tech in IIT Kharagpur and IIT Kanpur and one of them have been chosen as the part of a project team in IIT Kanpur.

Team MM wishes all the faculties and the students of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences for a successful academic year ahead.

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