An Evening of Fun and Frolic: Welcoming the Gifted Miners

An Evening of Fun and Frolic: Welcoming the Gifted Miners

Nishanth | Sep 02, 2017

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With the commencement of the academic year, NIT Rourkela gets to see hordes of new faces around the campus, most of them having no idea about the life they are going to experience in the coming years. To solve their confusion and instill a feeling in them for their respective departments, the fresher’s welcoming ceremonies are conducted in all the departments. An event where the freshmen announce their arrival to their branch mates, this is a much-awaited event for every student of the various departments.

On a cool evening of 30th August, the room of LA-214 witnessed a group of 35 freshmen of the Department of Mining Engineering formally dressed in white shirts and black pants arrive. This was followed by the arrival of the pre-final and final year students who showed their presence with loud cheering.

The event began at about 7:30 with the welcoming of the professors:

  • Prof. D. P. Tripathy
  • Prof. Singham Jayantu
  • Prof. Bahtu Kumar Pal
  • Prof. Rishikesh Nayak
  • Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai

The hosts of the event Tarun Topnani and Subhankar Mishra introduced themselves and it was followed by the lamp lighting ceremony. The hosts then proceeded to introduce the freshmen to the professors of their department. The professors also gave a talk about the department asking the students to concentrate on studies and find its right balance with the various extra curricular activities here at NIT Rourkela. They also highlighted the fact that CGPA is crucial and shouldn’t be neglected.

To know the freshmen, they were then asked to introduce themselves which was done by stating their name and place of origin. This was followed by the cake cutting ceremony where the freshmen were asked to assemble at the stage and help the professors in cutting the cake.

To make the evening even more fun, a couple of events were planned.

Rohan Pattnaik, a freshman began by revealing his experience at NITR.This was followed by a solo singing performance by Prabhu Prasad and another performance by Chintan Gehlot with the guitar. One of the seniors, Rajeshwar Mishra also displayed his talent with a melodious song. All the performances were much appreciated by the crowd and the professors.

To make sure that the crowd doesn’t go hungry, food packets were distributed to all the students and professors.With the commencement of the performances, the professors were thanked for showing up for the event by presenting gifts.The event then moved on to the interactive session where the freshmen interacted with the seniors and batch-mates. The interaction was enjoyed by all as they got to know about the department and their seniors.After a thorough interactive session, Chaman Kumar Lath was declared the Mr. Fresher and was gifted with goodies. With this, the Fresher’s party had come to an end.

 The event turned out to be quite successful as everyone had a bright smile on their faces in the end. The sophomores who had worked hard for the event were quite happy to see the event ending on a positive note. Team MM congratulates the organizing team of the event and wishes the freshmen a pleasant time ahead.



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