Manisha Rath | Sep 04, 2017

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The freshers have put a step into a new phase of their life with a lot of hope, enthusiasm, and expectations. To celebrate their success and welcome them to the Institute seniors are toiling hard. Especially, to help them figure out their respective departments as their second home, the sophomores have strived hard for a grand welcome under the guidance of the pre final year and final year seniors.Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering celebrated its fresher's party on 1st of September at LA 104. Though the event was scheduled at 6:30 pm and got delayed by 45mins; yet it was quite catchy.The event was hosted by Anwesha Barik, Snigdha Banani, Shaswat Lenka and Subham Mallick and began with the distribution of a questionnaire among the newbies comprising of a few witty questions.

The event had a melodious beginning with a song performed by a group of fresher girls Praisy, Debrati, Pratikshya, Rishita, and Niharika. It was superseded by a mesmerizing duet by Saumya Suneja and Sownya.  Both the girls were accompanied by Tejaswini Karra( 4th year), Roja Gouda and Urmilla Pradhan (3rd year) and Swati Jain from 2nd year who gave a marvelous dance performance which was the highlight for the evening. It was followed by a captivating song from one of the final year senior, Amrutha Varshini M, a senior member from Heartbeats.Then was a hilarious act by Nikhil Sharma, followed by a solo dance by Chinnaiti. Next was one of the breathtaking performance of the event, a rap by a fresher Ajinkya Bakshi. His performance left everyone speechless. After all the performances there was a healthy interacting session between the seniors and the freshmen. Based on the answers to the questionnaire 3 girls and 3 boys were selected by the seniors to contest for Miss and Mr. Fresher. After undergoing a strenuous selection procedure Srujanika Samantray and P.V.S.Murali were declared as Miss and Mr. Fresher respectively. At the end of the event, everyone seemed to be ecstatic and contented especially the sophomores for making the event a great success. Team MM wishes the tenderfoots a wonderful year ahead.


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