A Gala Soiree: Chemistry Freshers

A Gala Soiree: Chemistry Freshers

Samikshya | Sep 04, 2017

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To add to its legacy, the Department of Chemistry inducted newbies, promising them a holistic career. The Chemistry comrades organized a magnificent Welcome Ceremony to receive them gladly and officially into their department.

On 25th of August 2017, the entire populace of LA-104 rejoiced and exulted as the proceedings commenced. The beauty of the evening was a result of the cumulative efforts put forth by the sophomores. The hall was splendidly decorated with colorful balloons and flamboyant frills, which enamored the monochromatic walls and portrayed the liveliness of the evening. The sophomores had indeed made great use of their creative skills. The event was graced by the presence of the HOD Prof. Saurav Chatterjee and some other professors too. They were greeted with tikkas as they entered the hall, which served as a sign of auspiciousness of the event.

The program commenced at around 7 pm and was hosted by Nisha Rani Bisoyi, Radhika Varsheni and Prabhas Sethi. Freshmen were provided with a questionnaire, which sought candid answers so as to entertain them. To enthrall the audience, the freshmen presented marvelous dance performances which had the potential to impel the gathering into joining them and a mellifluous musical session, which captivated the spectators. The dance show was put up by Roja Ramani Gavara and the musical session was presented by Aditya Singhdeo, Tamanna Panigrahi and Nibedita Behera. The freshmen did put up a great show! Right after the cultural events, there was a brief informal and jolly interaction between the seniors and juniors, which aimed at knowing one another well. Meanwhile, appetizing refreshments were served too.

At the end, based on their performances and their responses to the questionnaire, Mr. and Miss Fresher’s were declared. Miss Roja Ramani Gavara was the Miss Fresher and Mr. Mohd. Nomaan was the Mr. Fresher for Integrated MSc. Chemistry and Miss Chhanda Mandal was the Miss Fresher and Mr. Braj Gopal Yadav was the Mr. Fresher for MSc. Chemistry.

Finally, the jovial evening of welcoming the new members of the chemistry family approached its postlude. It was indeed a successful effort and Team MM gladly wishes the freshmen to have a great experience ahead!



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