Animesh Sourish | Sep 04, 2017

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In keeping with the regular trend, the annual orientation-cum-induction for the institute swimming team was recently organised at the PT Usha Sports Complex last Wednesday.
The induction event was scheduled to begin at 6pm and the date was intimated much in advance to all the enthusiasts through webmail, notice boards etc. Though the crowd of students who actually looked forward to be inducted in the team started trickling in as early as 5.30 and enrolled their names, the overall turn-out was a bit lower than last year, especially among girls. This may be due to the fact that the female freshers who have all been accommodated in KMS found it hectic to come up all the way to the opposite end of the campus just after classes. Nevertheless, the induction process started punctually with the arrival of the SAS officer Dr Pattnaik and the captain Rajat. Initially the swimmers changed into the proper gear and entered the pool under the supervision of the trainers for a brief warm-up. They discussed about their previous experiences in swimming and some continued to train themselves for the selections. Everyone looked anxious and were physically preparing for the actual test, like bob-ins and leg movements. After that the participants lined up for the 50mts trial from the deeper end of the pool. The timekeepers who consisted mainly of existing members of the institute team were stationed at the opposite end and after giving all the necessary instructions, the selection trials were done for the boys in 2 batches. This was followed by the trials for 4 of the girls in the 50mts freestyle, and finally the boys 25mts freestyle.
All the events proceeded smoothly and the whole process ended by 7pm. The captain said --

We shortlisted around 7 to 8 good swimmers this time who all timed well under a minute. The results would be declared shortly and the concerned inductees would begin regular practice soon after that.

He also added that this will probably be the final inductions for this year, thus signing off for the night.

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