Embracing The Freshmen Cruise

Embracing The Freshmen Cruise

Niharika Dalai | Sep 04, 2017

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The abode of electrical engineers was prepared to its full potential to once again welcome the members of its extended family and pass on the genes to their younger members. Keeping apart all differences, the students of this department witnessed the celebration of the fresher’s evening on 1st September,2017.In a dusky rainy evening, LA-204 embellished with decorative balloons and adorned with polychromatic frills was all set to witness another fresher’s celebration and capture the fettered chain of memories in its achromatic enclosure. The board was scripted with calligraphed quotes and the walls were decorated with handcrafted models of circuits and transformers.

The event was scheduled to be started at 5 p.m. but got delayed due to lesser attendance and unexpected heavy showers. However, the program started at around 7:30 p.m. and was hosted by Anuradha Kumar and Om Smaran Mohapatra. Initially, the first year guys were given a questionnaire with a tricky set of questions which needed a few witty answers. The main function started with a stunning dance performance by three boys which was followed by a melodious duet song performance by the girls. The next in line was a solo dance performance by a first-year guy who brought the audience into cheers and applauds with his frisky and frolic moves. After this, Sambit Kumar Panda, a final year student graced the occasion by lighting the inaugural lamp.

Next in the row was an extremely graceful and exquisite duet dance performance by first-year girls who made everyone tap their feet in the synchronized rhythm of their dance steps. A group of five girls followed the line and showed their expressive dance performance on a few Bollywood numbers. A solo dance performer was lined up next in the string who moved feet and body into music and once again brought the crowd into cheers and shouts with his jovial and swaying moves.

After a series of dance performances, a group of three first year girls came up to the dais and made everyone groove to the tunes of their euphonious songs. The final performance of the evening was a blend of mellifluous vocal and a musical instrument performed by a fresher. Food packets and other refreshments were distributed to everybody while the performances were going on.

After the end of the sequence of performances, all the freshers were called up to the stage one after the other to give their introduction. The entire program finally concluded with the announcement of Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher and group photo sessions of all the batches.

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